What is a Bad Ex-Girlfriend

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    A Bad Ex-Girlfriend, is usually defined by the most recent break up partner. Anyone before that, is a nut. So if she has already had one or more relationships since you and her, you are a nut and need to go find stuff to do.
    Unless she is the one pestering you.

    What is a Bad Ex-Girlfriend

    • A Bad Ex-Girlfriend calls you up when she needs a babysitter for a kid that is not yours. She of course is never going on a date or nothing… no no.. she just seems to visit her sick friends in the hospital at night…..
    • A Bad Ex-Girlfriend succeeds in ruining all of your plans.
    • A Bad Ex-Girlfriend has your new girlfriend in her address book.
    • has your new girlfriend added on to her friend’s list.
    • calls to tell you how old you are getting.
    • degrades everything you like, yet still calls and comes over. (just coming in to show you what you gave up)
    • seems to only flirt with you when she knows you are seeing someone. (just wants you single)
    • Calls you up on your wedding night because she had a flat tire and needs your help.
    • pops in for no reason. (checking to see who you are with?)
    • hangs out with your mother when you are out of town.(you aren’t there to stalk?)
    • Or married and texting you with pictures.
    • Waits for you to talk about some bad event in your life and offers to help, to hang it over your head later.
    • Goes to all of your friend’s concerts, with her new guy, or to pick up a new guy.

    Look, an ex-girlfriend is no one to have around. She is not going to make your life any better, and you are not going to make hers any better unless she sees you are suffering without her. No she will not take you back because you need her. In fact she is more likely to feel justified with your suffrage. So it will be in your best interest to just cut all ties and move on with your life. Leave her no information to feed on. Do not tell this woman anything. Not that you got something cool (she will just explain why it sucks or why it’s bad for nature or bad for the hungry children), not that you met someone perfect. She will just dig deep into asking you about the relationship until she can find a moment to say “uh oh, look, you know I care about you but you sound like you are just being your normal self falling in love too soon because…..”.
    Don’t be the nice guy, don’t be the mean guy, don’t be any guy in her life. Don’t be anything you should be in her life other than a void.
    Move on.

    There is nothing medical or scientific about this post, there is nothing in this post that you should base your life on. This is all in fun, and speaks of my own personal experiences and what could have been or should have been. Do not base your emotions or concerns or feelings, or friendships on what this post says.

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