This Week $20 Shopping Spree

    Every two weeks I like to go on a shopping spree. The rules I set for myself are $20 including food (except food I make at home and have already purchased). but not including gasoline.

    So I spend the whole weekend trying to spend only $20, and trying to come up with the most items.

    This Weekends bargain shopping expedition included

    Armadillo Flea Market This place sucked. So many people with different air fresheners and incense. Killed my sinus.

    King Dollar where everything is under $1.10. Place is quite large.

    Big Lots.


    My end purchase lead to me getting a few things I wanted and a few things I needed and a couple things I just saw.

    Todays $20 Shopping Spree
    Todays $20 Shopping Spree
    I came off with two cokes in bottles from Mexico. I have to tell you, cokes from here do not taste like that anymore. These cokes are real cokes.$2.18
    Garbage bags I have been needing for some time. I got some for the cat’s litter box $6, and some draw string garbage bags for the garbage can $5.
    Got scrunchy thing on a stick so I don’t have to juggle to shower. $1.09
    A power strip. Because I needed one yesterday and had to improvise. $1.09
    Poptarts, who doesn’t need poptarts? $1
    Some weird drink $.70
    and another weird drink.$.50
    All purpose cleaner $.99
    Total cost $18.55 before tax
    After tax $20.03
    I went over by 4 cents. Let’s see if I can make it upon my next shopping spree by leaving my limit at $19.97

    Hope you enjoy my bargain shopping. I find it fun and it gives me piece of mind. Gets me out of the house and keeps me from spending a bunch of money.

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