Super Earth – Sad Fact

    Too far.
    Doesn’t mean anything to us. At all. Nothing here will ever be there. Nothing there will ever be here.
    What is here will be long decade and dissolved by the time any type of projectile from here, could even get 1/100th of the distance that separates us. 600,000,000 light years. That is quite an unimaginable distance. The extreme temperatures that you would hit, would destroy any metals or materials creatable here on earth.
    If anything could happen would be a transmission of some sort between the two planets, but our technologies would have to be similar and it would be a long wait for a response. Our fastest signal transmission, does not even come close to a light year in speed. So it would take a tad longer than 600,000,000 light years before the signal would be received at the other end. So, about the time they receive our signal, our planet will have been destroyed 590,000,000 already. and theirs probably would already be gone by that time.
    Do we have anything that can see that far? I am surprised we have the images that we have.
    Until we get a telescope that can see that far into space and let us watch the people walk around on the planet, super earth is of no use to us.
    I guess the trick now is to make a better telescope than what is currently available. Unless we connect two of our best telescopes, end to end (would that even work? would it kill to try?) to get a more magnified image, so that we can see the dwellings, and the structures and the resources there to get a better idea of how we can be. Not much can be done. I assume the window of viewability is quite small considering we are rotating and they are rotating in separate solar-systems in separate galaxies that are rotating could be a good while before we synch back up.
    Wonder if they are already looking back at us saying “man, they sure are messy”. Or they could just be ape like creatures.

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