Do you Ever wish you were the only guy?

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    If you ever want to go somewhere and be the only guy. Go to the men’s department at Walmart. Nothing but grumpy women.
    We can assume these women are shopping for their husband’s clothes so he has new clothes. I guess that’s because she knows he won’t go get his own shirts or pants or underwear and would just walk around until his clothes just broke apart and fell off of him. Or she is wanting to get him clothes so he has things so that he does not feel like buying new stuff. Now she can spend more money on herself and new clothes that match the latest trends.

    I have no idea why or how this stuff works.

    I just know that when I am searching for stuff to wear to work, I am the only guy for like 35 feet in either direction. Oddly enough I feel the eyes on me like “WTF is this weirdo here for???” almost as if to say that I am cheap for picking out my own clothes at the same place she is picking out cheap crap for her significant other.

    Another weird thing is the women will sometimes follow me around and look to see what I am picking out. and that of course boggles the hell out of me, It should be me following her around to get clothes that women like. but I am a logical man. I understand that her husband might be attractive so she is uglying him up and saving a buck for herself later. That of course would suggest that I dress like an ape and she says “bingo, that’s what he needs”.

    No clue. I do know that it is in my best interest to pick out my own clothes. and men, you should do the same.
    If you don’t want to go hang out with your beautiful wife and see her look somewhat interested in some single dude that looks a whole lot sharper than you, then take this as a strategic tip. and next time she says “why don’t you dress up?” you can respond with “I guess I need to do my shopping and we can cut back on your wardrobe for a year or two!”. . Nah don’t. Just do like other guys, don’t take her out. Beats looking like an ungroomed chimp, while everyone else looks like a 10.

    Sucks to have someone start picking out your clothes then turn and tell you that you have no fashion sense.

    It always starts as a gift, then it becomes the only way you get clothes. because if you come home some day with a new shirt, and she didn’t pick it out for you, and it looks good, she will get mad and ask you who you are seeing. As if to say “No, I specifically uglied you up precisely to say that you are taken, look at all of the Hawaiian shirts and plaid pants that come up to your chest, I strategically designed your wardrobe”. Yet she looks amazing. Have you ever questioned why she buys a new thong or new dress or stocking or what not? No. You assumed “woo hoo, gift wrapping!!!”. Does this make men dumb? No. It means we trust women to be faithful.

    She knows, that when the relationship starts everything is roses, so the new girl got you a really nice shirt. Heck, the main reason she first picked you up, was because you looked nice and dressed well. Then she uglied you up, and does not like the results of her work.


    I haven’t a clue.

    I have no fashion sense at all anymore. I am twice divorced.
    and yes, this was all in humor.

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