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    So. Someone is re-posting the videos to the incident at the Jefferson Memorial where a handful of people went to the Jefferson Memorial, to protest a “no dancing” law. How did they protest? by dancing and in large groups yelling at the officer who was just doing his job by asking them to stop breaking the law.
    Law against dancing? Yes. at that location it is against the law to dance. Why? because a flashmob showed up and started dancing. As cool as you may think a flashmob is, some people were at the memorial to just absorb the beauty of the work and architecture. Not watch a random dance crew. That’s what Talent shows are for.This is a national monument. This is a place that is supposed to be respected.
    Sure, the guy who the memorial is about, fought for some freedoms. That is a wonderful troll answer. but you do not go to a place and ruin the fun for everyone else by dancing in their way. You act like an adult, you abide by the laws and the rules so we do not have chaos. You act like an adult, not a rebellious 12 year old know it all with witty come backs.

    Just because you call the police officer “unAmerican” does not mean you are more “American” than him.

    The piece of junk misrepresentation of the facts, slightly longer version

    These people planned the whole event. They went there to dance. To get thrown in jail and to record the whole thing to make it look like the cops are bad. When the cops did not make the law. They just enforce it because that is their job. This was a protest against a law that was created to protect the rights of the people visiting the memorial to show respect and honor.

    This video is quite old as you see in the first video, it was march by the time the news posted it. here it is almost a year later and this fool posted his video.

    People antagonize the police to get arrested and then they post the video on Youtube a year after the news stops talking about what fools they are.
    Please go find something real to protest instead of trying to impede on everyone else.

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