My Camaro Videos

    These are videos of a Camaro I owned. 425 Horsepower 1996 Camaro Z28 to be exact.
    This car is long gone but not forgotten. Wasn’t pretty but was pretty awesome. The car was built for 1/8th mile races.
    Pretty much anything after 1/8th mile was a hard battle. but for 1/8th the car was a beast.
    Raced a 2002 (guessing by nose cone) Camaro ss, and lost it’s only loss when it sprayed. It was a big loss. The car had to be like 5 car lengths ahead of me at about 1/4th mile mark. but for the first 1/8th mile I was pulling away from him. Heard a loud gasp and the motor just sounded like a monster roaring at me as he took off. Yep…. out classed big time. but, for the time here, I put all of the over night racers in their ricers (claiming 500-800 horsepower and invincibility) in their place and showed them that a v8 is not just a loud gas guzzling machine.
    My 1996 Camaro had it’s hay-day from 2006-2009. Was a fine machine. but gas prices made me go put-put. Sold the car and got a 4 cylinder. It was just killing me to get 11-14 mpg in my only transportation.
    So, I present you my video memories of one bad Camaro.

    I call this one “Slow Stroll Through the Streets”

    I call it that because now one wanted to believe what speed I was doing in the final portion of the video. The issue was video quality. I think the video was recorded at maybe 16 frames per second, at best. So you don’t get a good sense of what is actually happening. You don’t even see half of the shaking that my old Motorolla cell phone was doing while fastened to my visor.

    What it Did to my Brakes

    This video was shot just 100 feet away from where the first video cut off. Smokin!

    Same Road Doing 50 MPH

    Just showing that the speed that people said I was doing in the first video, is ridiculously low compared to what you see when comparing the two videos.

    Toolin at Nigh in a Camaro

    Not much here but listening to the car. Road was too bumpy and curvy for much to be done here.

    Haulin butt in Camaro

    Actually I was acting like a fool. I miss that car. It sounded great and was pretty fast.

    Speeding at Lunch time

    I had plenty of time to waste at lunch time so I messed around. Could have easily gotten a ticket.

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