Defining Action Movies

    Ok. Action movies have been redefined a bit in the past 10-15 years. So I feel it is my duty to make things straight.
    To bring you back to understanding what it means to be a man, entertained by explosions, bullets flying everywhere and the cowboy riding away in the sunset alone.

    If the Hero learns how to be caring/emotional/supportive or anything the like, before the movie ends…..CHICK FLICK action romance.

    If the bad guy’s car slams into the back of a parked car, and does a barrel role at the start of the movie… MAN MOVIE! Action movie.

    It’s that damn simple.
    He doesn’t always do it and get the girl.
    He doesn’t do it to get the girl.
    He just does it because it’s right.
    No resentment. No frustration. No love.
    Just the will to do.
    Men do that. Real men do that.
    No asking why. Just do it

    Political Correctness is a waste of time and stretch of the plot. It is far more complex than just “oh he said the right thing and got the girl” those movies are too simple minded and always the same. Cowboy riding away leaves you lots to think about.
    No explaining yourself or your reason. No asking why no crying about what ever drama happened just do it.

    Can we just be men again?

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