Final Game Sunday

    All game updates will be at bottom of this post. Please use F5 to refresh page and get updates every 5 minutes.
    So,the super bowl is today. Giants And Patriots

    21/17 final score. Giants.
    Again just like last year and the years before, we have a some website saying they will be streaming the Super Bowl online.
    as we have seen every year. even super is using this method to draw in traffic from people searching for “watch super bowl online”
    in fact this is the caption you see in the Google search today as you search for the game “Watch Super Bowl Online – 2012 Live Streaming –“.
    Look folks, if they have an issue with people recording the game. The Game will not be shown online. You won’t even be able to hear the game online.
    Huffington post is listing the time of the game

    If you have no tv, here’s the super bowl on twitter. just keep hitting F5 to get updates.

    I will be posting updates here for those of you who have zero access. Please use F5 to see updates.

    TruXter’s prediction (based on nothing at all). The Giants will slaughter until 4th, and then fluke incidents and Patriots take the win By two touchdowns.


    Patriots called tails.. coin came up heads.
    Giants receive.
    First down on the 24 yard line.
    No points yet.

    Ny 9
    NE 10
    Beckham out
    ——first half end.
    Madonna came on stage for a medley , dressed like she-ra

    C low and the “sexy and I know it” guy where in the show.
    Clint Eastwood commercial speaking of saving Detroit… I loved it.
    Coca Cola bears, not as great detailed or fancy as I wanted to see.

    ——Start second half

    Ny 21
    NE 17
    Brady benched for a short while. Shoulder issue.
    Ballard out.
    Texas HEB advertisement was great. Though none of that looked like Texas.
    The reference to Mathew Broderick and a part 2 of Ferris Beuller’s day off, turned out to be a Honda CRV commercial. We waited 20 years, for that….. I will never buy a Honda because of that! Minivan and we are supposed to remember a day off in a Ferrari.. Forget you Honda!!!
    Motley Crue in a KIA commercial. Car looked Amazing.
    Samsung Commercial a bit cheesy. Was that Mikey from orange county choppers, in the canon ?
    Announcer says “Tom Brady” every 20 seconds it seems.

    21/17 final score. Giants.

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