Nicet Level 1 Fire Alarm Testing

    This is an old post and the reference material is out dated. I have a newer  more informative post about Nicet level1 below.

    (2016 version of Nicet I test tips)

    Well I took the Nicet Level 1 Fire Alarm test today.

    I think it is safe to say that I was not well enough prepared for this test.
    85 questions, 110 minutes. **( Since this post, the test has reduced to 75 questions and time increased to 120 minutes)**
    On the test I took, there were at least 20 questions about testing, and the answers I found where in chapter 10 (That section is now 14 of 2013 nfpa 72). Of NFPA 72 Book. Don’t bother with the pdf. It is useless when you test.
    You will spend lots of time in the index section of the nfpa 72 . For the first 40 question or so. Well I did on the test I took, yours may be in a different order, heck they could be total different questions all together. Probably will be different question.
    I got stuck on questions that I could not find answers for. When I got to the last 30 questions I noticed that I only had 18 minutes left. I answered the ones I could pop a quick guess for, searched for what I could. I didn’t finish the last 15 questions.

    I didn’t even come close to a passing grade. Lowest score you can get is a 500. No idea how they work up the scores. I was more than 100 points below the lowest allowed score.

    I now have to wait 4 months before I can take the Nicet test again.

    My plan to do better on the Nicet 1 fire alarm test:

    Get very well familiar with the electrical codes in nfpa 70
    Get very well familiar with nfpa 72 (know the sections so I can search faster)
    Get familiar with IBC
    Get familiar with OSha. 20% is on safety.
    Learn max heights, min heights fire alarm notification devices.
    Testing procedures and scheduled testings of all fire alarm components
    Get familiar with runs.
    Understand what a serial circuit is and what a parallel circuit is.
    Learn conduit fill
    Learn couplings, fittings and connectors.

    I have 4 months to get this in before I can reschedule the Nicet test. **(since this post, the time is now reduced to 3 months wait for retake.)**

    Will report back if it gets any better. Should be June or July and will be in comments area.

    If anyone has any material, message in the comments area. I kinda need it.

    **Update since no one posted any reference material, I post what I have created for everyone else**
    Now I am taking a totally different approach. I will be studying harder this time for the Nicet exam. In fact, I created a test for others from the content I have learned in my studies.
    Nicet Fire Alarm Practice Free
    I post it free because it is just me helping pass on what I am still learning.
    If you see any of the questions to be incorrect, message or comment and it will be fixed if you can post references.

    I am looking more and more to to training. I might just buy the big package and get this over with.
    Their course worked I passed Nicet I Fire Alarm

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    1. Aaron | |

      I will be taking the CBT version of the NICET I exam next month. I appreciate your warnings and will actually study. I need to progress to level III within a year or so and I was assuming that level I was mostly fluff for newbies, little of it code related, just verification that the candidate has the necessary math and science knowledge to progress in the trade.

      I will be buying a red and orange study book from NTC and cram as much as I can. I don’t deal with 90% of the code in my position in the oil and gas exploration industry so I may be in for a treat.

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