Neighbor’s Dog

    I wanted to call this “Big Dog Small Yard” but that could be taken as a prison thing. That is not the title I wanted to be searched for.

    I want to talk about my neighbor’s pet. My neighbor has this pitbull. The dog is a digging freak. I would be too. The yard is only 12 feet by 20 feet. This dog has nowhere to be. This rattles my brain. Why have a large dog, if you are just going to keep him in a tiny backyard and never play with it? Never walk it, never take it for a ride. Just feed it and hope it doesn’t escape. They have this kid in their house, must be about 7 years old or 8 years old. When they first moved in, they got their son a dog. The dog is a pitbull. Pitbulls have a record. True or false, the dog has a record right out of the barrel. For the sake of the dog, for the sake of the child, this was not a wise choice in pets. Right now, the dog is excited to see people, since he spends the whole day, every day confined to a tiny yard. Eventually that excitement will turn to resentment. Eventually, this dog will hate people. All animals do this. Humans are their captures, humans are the ones who schedule their feeding. Humans ignore them when they cry because they want in while it’s raining or too cold outside.

    If you want a dog that will be loving and fun and bark when they hear stuff you have a small yard, get a small dog. Get a fricken small dog. They do it all except cripple a robber. You get a big dog and keep him in the yard, you won’t know when he hears a cat or a robber. You will ignore his barks. So he isn’t helping you any. and you aren’t treating him properly. Small dogs, if they go inside the house, it’s a small mess, you can clean it in seconds. large dog goes in the house, your floor is ruined.

    I want to steal that puppy and take him to my buddy out in the country and give that dog some room to roam. A place where someone will appreciate the guy. A place where the puppy will have more dogs to play with. Not some back yard that won’t even let him get to half a sprint. DOGS NEED TO RUN. If your yard isn’t big enough for your dog to run, your dog is too big for your yard. Unless you jog with him. This dog is so forgotten, putting him on a leash would mean the owner gets dragged around while the puppy runs around exploring.

    That is all.
    Take care of your pets people.

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