What to do about gas prices

    If you want to serve a part in lowering gas prices, you have to become a voice.
    Sign every petition you can, against gas prices and hope one sticks.
    Online Petition 1
    Petition 2
    Petition 3
    Petition 4
    Petition 5
    Petition 6

    And then, share each of those links on Facebook or twitter (or just share this page, all in one) and ask your friends to share. The objective is to get as many people reacting as possible, so someone takes notice that WE KNOW!
    You make signs and leave them in places where they can be seen by everyone. Even the zombies who sledge through life not noticing anything will have to say “wait, is it true” and they will look and come out of their coma.

    The issue I face when I talk about gas prices, is the person I am talking to says “the company I work for buys my gas, I haven’t looked at prices in years”. Now I don’t know if it’s just somehow socially not cool to talk about money issues with acquaintances, or what, but that response happens more often than I ever imagined.

    Yelling at the gas station attendant about gas prices, will not solve anything. His/her pay didn’t go up at all. It should though. At least we would know the money is going to someone who actually needs it. Wages average for gas station attendant. and the job sucks. This is why working in a gas station is bad.

    If we can only get all of the gas station attendants to go on strike, we would be helped, but they are so hurting for money (they got that sucky job didn’t they?) they can’t even consider something like this. Sure would be nice to walk around and set something up like this. If just for 2 hours, all gas station would just stop helping customers, there would be a massive hit, and someone would have to take notice. They can’t fire them all.

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