Bundling is a Scam

    Why do I say that Bundling is a Scam?
    The idea in your head is “well I can pay all the bills at once”. but the trap is, you just need one service and say “wow look at that deal, I’m already getting that other service, but it’s bundled with a whole other service through another company” and now you are trapped. because the bundle that includes the final noted service, ruins the whole entire deal you started with. But.. wait.. what’s that? I can pay all of them in one place? and the first 3 months are at a discount? What a deal.

    I am kind of at the point where I need to evaluate what I do and don’t need anymore. Do I need a home phone? No. Do I need internet on my cell phone? Well no. As much time as I have spent staring at my phone, my neck hurts and my eyes are killing me now.

    This is all a scam. Why am I paying $30 extra month for internet on my phone? The websites aren’t even normal websites.. and well, it’s just to gather data not really to surf with. Most that the internet should cost on my phone is probably $10 a month. Anything over that price is way over selling the necessity of internet on a cell phone.

    All of the extra add on stuff will be made a necessity eventually when other bundles come about..

    I think I am done.

    Comcasts cable tv and internet bundle is slightly less than Fios bundle in cost deal right? no.. that is saying paying $7 less a month is worth only receiving 480i reception as apposed to hidef.

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