Baltimore Mugging

    Warning, Brutal Graphic video. Do not watch this video if you are unprepared for a brutal video, or if you are offended by such videos. This video contains a brutal mugging and a man gets knocked out. You have been warned.


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    A mugging in Baltimore, where the camera person could possibly know the criminals who robbed this man in Baltimore near the court house.

    The man does not resist, The man does not fight. The man doesn’t even talk while these people scream and yell and taunt their every move before they knock the man out on the street, and raid his pockets like a bunch of kids who knocked over a candy jar.
    The video was on Youtube, but retrieved quickly before the person who posted it removed the video.

    The video is confirmed removed from YouTube as “Shocking” while there are much worse videos on youtube.
    (another copy of the this video has been posted again on YouTube)

    I am under the impression that this man in the video does not speak English and is not from this country. He appears to be astonished at what is happening.

    Please share this video, these criminals need to be caught.

    If you have any issues getting this video to play, please comment below. It will be fixed.

    There is a Chance that the Baltimore sun is talking about this video.
    Someone please contact them. I have the 3gp file if they want it.

    Later found here
    Another site showing another video from another person who got footage of the man being robbed. And you see footage of the man who recorded the earlier video who sounded excited to say “they took his airy thang” with a weird sound of “come on guys listen to me I’m sounding cool” and then he repeats himself to make sure someone heard him.

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    1. MHMC | |

      It’s a sad time when I see some black people commiting the same racist acts that some white people did in times past. It was a racist act that should handled just like any case involving a white person or persons attacking a black person. Nothing justifies being attacked because of your race or ethnicity. The ugly truth needs to be revealed that some black people are racists also. Lawlessness is lawlessness no matter who is involved. I hope the perpetrators of this vicious crime get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This madness must stop or this nation will go back down the road of a segregated society.

    2. truth | |

      No race is better than the other, except one race is trying harder to get along than the other.

    3. beeze | |

      Just racists being racists…what do you expect?

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