Imagine Evolution

    I might jump ahead too fast.

    Imagine Evolution, being everything it claims to be where logical understandings prove each other factual by always making it’s self better where the end result is always the same after centuries of evolution and and final-being results in devastating the resources so that all animals, face the same elements. to adapt to that element and become one.

    Imagine an evolution. The evolution from the first micro organism to larger and lager and eventually being in different locations facing different conditions, evolving to be so different, but eventually becoming the same in final result. Of course after a few million years.
    Let’s say the final result is a human.As if some of these beings come from one animal and others come from other animals. all animals that exceed the size of the final result, will never make it in time. because the final human result, builds and hunts and constructs and designs. Continually reducing resources. Further reducing the elements that some animals can exist in and evolve to catch up with the other evolved animals. At the same time, accelerating the rate other animals adapt and evolve.

    Once we have multiple variants of the original organism evolved to a state where they can breed again, we then begin to evolve into a greater human. We bring the evolved conditions and immunities together to make what would be the ultimate being. Always teaching what our ancestors have showed us and always discovering more information. Observing all living beings become one.

    Downside to that circumstance, is eventual cannibalism or extinguishing each other before that gets to happen.

    The imaginary evolution.


    1. Molch | |

      What the hell did I just read?

    2. TruXter | |

      My very intoxicated midnight rambling.
      I know what I meant. but I have no clue how to fix it.


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