What the heck ? Pontiac Battery $112 ??

    I have been noticing my car struggling to start. Click, grunt vroom.

    Did a quick search online to see what it will cost me to change out my battery on my car.
    $112 for the most changed item on a vehicle. $112 ???

    are you kidding me?

    Why is this acceptable ?

    How can they justify $112 batter ? there’s not even a place to put the water to continue upkeep.

    and I thought the $45 wiper blades were offensive. SureĀ  I know cost goes up over time. But so does the average pay. and I haven’t been in a coma my whole life. and the quality didn’t get any better. In fact auto parts quality got worse.

    To sweeten the sting, rims are bigger so the tires are bigger. So for the base tire, you have to pay the supreme fee. Although the tire companies still sell the itty bitty tires at usually super cheap price. Where the heck can I buy itty bitty rims?

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