Trailer Park Boys Spin Off Idea

    Cyrus From Trailer Park Boys
    Cyrus From Trailer Park Boys

    Of all of the people we would want to see come back and revive Sunnyvale trailer park, there is one person who could have used more back story.
    We could use a better understanding of Cyrus.
    We could use a build up of what made Cyrus, the way he is.
    Imagine a show narrated by Bernard Robichaud. With multiple young men playing the role of cyrus through the years, during scenes where Cyrus reflects on his past (because a scene reminds him of the past) and at that time, the show flips to the past.

    We would watch many years of Cyrus being mistreated by his father, excluded from group events, and just stumbling through life on an unsupervised un-directed unguided path of adolescence. filled with good intentions from someone who just never had a chance to know any better.
    Final episode,Cyrus is in jail with Cory and Trevor.

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    Hidden undertone of the show would be “Do your part and raise them right”.

    If you would like to add to this, please post in the comments area.

    Also for the upcoming Trailer Park boys 3 Movie, Let’s get Cyrus/(Bern) a spot by signing the WANT list

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