Driving Houston Lately

    Has anyone noticed this lately?

    • You pull up to a redlight and notice everyone is now stopping like 2 car lengths back and the slowly pulling forward.
    • People shooting across all lanes into your lane, and then just taking their foot off the gas pedal.
    • No one remembers what a yield light is.
    • Everyone is suddenly getting important text messages at redlights, so they sit well into green light, to finish their text.
    • People who hit their brakes repeatedly.
    • All lanes grouping. Drive as slow as they can and not let anyone pass them.
    • Driving half a car length ahead of the slow 18 wheeler in the next lane. Again not letting anyone pass.
    • When you finally pass people, they honk at you and flash their headlights. Just because you passed them.
    • No one drives without a cell phone to their head anymore.
    • everyone drives like they are drunk, no one drives a straight line anymore. as if distracted.
    • looking the wrong way when pulling out right in front of you.

    Weird stuff on the road lately and I am getting sick of driving.
    I think I need to start a car pool.

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