How Guys Can Get Out of a Bad Date

    First you have to figure What is a bad date?

    If you have ever been in a date situation where you just want out. Maybe the woman just is not even remotely close into your taste, or is straight up nuts or just too wild for you. You can try what I do. I start the date on the prepared point. I say nothing about my personal life, because … well… It’s better to listen to her than to blab about yourself anyway. but when the time comes, I have date landmines I will be ready to chunk when the time comes. Usually just takes about three to get it to work. So The closer you get to using all of these bad date ideas, the more desperate she is, or crazier she is. So at this point you have to wonder if she is just after a one nighter with no strings, or is looking to cling to anything that crawls past her. Some of these are exactly why I don’t do like other guys, like the way some guys will brag about their belongings to “Win” a girl over me, as if he has no game or plan or skill, but that stupid look of pride when he walks off with what I was cautious to get near.
    It’s always best to have all bases covered before you go out. More than you need try and hook up, be prepared to have a good escape. It gives you better control of your night and your persona. Some women love guys who seem in control of their lives. So this should help you a bit.


    Things to do or say to get rid of a bad date

    • Sit in your chair like a bored teenager, Slide way down into the chair.
    • Whatever your hobby is, talk to her like she is into it as much as you. No matter what she says.
    • Stare at your phone.
    • Talk to much, just run away with conversations and change subjects entirely.
    • Say “If I ever get a car”, a couple times. In front of her friends if you must.
    • Tell her you live with your parents.
    • Flirt with any woman who isn’t with someone bigger than you.
    • Tell a fart joke.
    • Hark up a loogy, but don’t spit. Do it right when she starts talking, if you can. (don’t really hark it up, fake it good).
    • Say¬† “Oh that’s just like this comedian I heard a while back”, and just mutter off. Have no closure on it.
    • Say”have you ever seen that commercial where….” and just recite a television commercial.
    • Finish the night saying ” I have one condom left after the great day I had yesterday, wanna share?”.

    With that ender, you put it all out there. You either get a one nighter, or you chased her away. Either way, way to go.
    Oh, good idea if you watch for all of these also, because she might be getting rid of you.

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