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    Year ago I left Gieco for going up on my insurance cost on me. Decided to go to Progressive. They say they offer an adjustable bill. You are supposedly able to select what you want to pay for and get the price you desire by adding or shaving off coverage. Well that just isn’t true once you complete a year with them.
    At the start of my second year, my insurance bill jumped from $118 a month during the first year, to $140 on the first two payments of this year.

    old progressive insurance bill
    old progressive insurance bill

    I assumed the difference was paying for a deposit fee, at a special “hey you stayed with us” rate. Nope. Second month $140 again. Now on the third month $150.
    progressive insurance bill
    progressive insurance bill

    Now… Understand, my car note is $305 a month and the car is 3 years old already. With the depreciation rate of my vehicle, there is no reason why I am paying that much for insurance. To change my policy any I would have to pay a deposit, it says it on their site. Oddly enough, I can’t seem to find the spot where I select the coverage I would like anymore..

    TruXter D: Initial Question/Comment: Why did my insurance on my car go up so much? Should I search for a new insurance company ? This is half the price of my vehicle.

    System: An agent will be with you in just a moment.

    System: Tenia B has joined this session!

    System: Connected with Tenia B. Your Reference Number for this chat is 218663.

    Tenia B: Hi TruXter D, my name is Tenia. One moment while I pull up your policy.

    TruXter D: ok.

    Tenia B: Your premium increased because the one time discount for signing your documents online has expired. This discount only applies to the first term of your policy.

    TruXter D: Ok I will find another insurance company. I pay 305 for the car. It would be retarded to continue paying 150 for insurance.

    TruXter D: I will be taking my home owner insurance out of ASI also.

    Connected with a Customer Representative
    [nGenera Corporation]

    This. This is the kind of stuff I was talking about with how “Bundling is a scam

    Well this insurance company can keep their bundles. I will be splitting my bill up with the lowest bidders. Bundling is a trap.
    Progressive just lost another insurance customer.


    1. Alisha | |

      I LOVE it! “Ok I will find another insurance company. I pay 305 for the car. It would be retarded to continue paying 150 for insurance.” Priceless. I would have given you the discount just for being blunt but witty. LOL

    2. emile oyumba | |

      Could you asssist me to one policy number because i have two police number with two cars .i would like just to have one

    3. TruXter | |

      Did you not read this page at all ?

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