Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn Flaws Gimmicks

    These two shows, I can’t stop watching them. I know it’s the bottom rung of business, but sheesh I love watching these two shows. On thing for sure, do not visit a pawnshop in Las Vegas.

    Biggest flaw the customers have when they go to Pawn Stars pawnshop thinking they are going to sell their junk ate full fair market value. as if the guys at the pawnshop are required by some law to never make a profit.
    If you want to sell something at that pawnshop for a set price, When they ask you how much you want for your item. Say double the amount you want. They always tell you half. If you really want to hit more, say four time the value. They will say “Noooo nononono” and they should then make you an offer 1/10th what you just asked. Now say double the amount you would like and see if they raise a bit. Now you negotiate the price you actually wanted.
    Never say how much you need when you are in a pawnshop. Never say what you need the money for.

    Another mistake, you can see it in the face of the person working the counter. Don’t look down when they make an offer. Don’t look away and don’t show your stress. Everytime the customer looks down, you can see them drool, get a gleam in their eye and look at each other. They know you are about to sell your item for far less than what you just asked.

    Number one gimmick on Pawn Stars is “Let me call a specialist on it”
    What that translates to is ‘Let me call a friend who knows plenty about this who will always undervalue what you have”.
    When the customer folds to the “specialist, you can see the look in the “specialist’s” face. If the specialist really was a specialist, they would make an offer on the item their self. what would they say if you brought a specialist with you when you comeback later when the “specialist” they bring in, comes in? You know right off they will ask who your friend is. but really, if it gets to that, leave. Why argue a scam when you can just go elsewhere? can we call it a scam? should we just say it’s a business tactic with a dog and pony show for your entertainment at the cost of your loss?

    another gimmick is the people selling their cars or other large items will tell the camera crew how much they want and what they will take. That camera person knows everyone on that show. What makes these people so stupid as to think that cameraman won’t signal how much the person selling the item, is planning to negotiate around? you say you want 5000 but will settle for 2500, the clerk will offer you 2000.. So, if you are on the video say you want 10 but will settle for 6. When all you want is 3.

    But remember, it’s not their duty to save your life. It is not their duty to make you rich. It’s not their duty to buy whatever you bring into their store.

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