Progressive and “Back Charges”

    I changed insurance companies because Progressive insurance was charging me outrageous fees. Well I get a call today saying that my payment is due and my services will be canceled soon if payments are not made by the 12th. So I pressed 3 to get another menu pressed 9 to speak to a rep. The rep verifies my date of transfer to a new company, and warns me that “the state will see if you have gaps of no coverage”. I giggled at this concept. Actually I snorted because tried to hold it in. The lady then informs me that I now owe $25 for days of “extended coverage”. I asked “What is that?”. I mean since my payments were due on the 27th, and I started my new policy with another company on the 27th. The lady (sort of) explained like this “Well you are on a one year plan and your billing isn’t for the full year so we have to charge you for what you have used”. Yeah…. I have no idea what that meant either.

    I am so glad that Progressive isn’t the only automobile insurance company. They probably would claim what they are implying “supply and demand ” , as if there is a limit of insurance available and they will run out if they don’t charge more, and break up what limited insurance there is that’s available, into smaller crummier deals.

    I think they just charged me for that phone call and shuffled it into some made up coverage that never happened.

    See this is the problem here is greed. Once you are signed into contract that is worded so they can change and charge fees for any changes you make to a plan, but you are not discounted for any changes they make to plan, that is a selfish greedy scam. You are a service customer, reserve the right to back out of any bad contract. If they threaten to mark your credit, then so be it. a $13 blemish will go away in no time. If enough people did this, maybe, just maybe some attention will be drawn to their means of business practice. Maybe, just maybe someone would step up and say “hey, you guys are  putting in to many request for credit penalties, y9ou guys are clearly upsetting to many people and putting to many people into your debt and causing to many people to have bad credit”  . Or what ever you can word that as.  Basically they need to be inspected for practice integrity.

    The lady I spoke with on the phone, after I laughed at the “back charges” for insurance, agreed to my request to have this fee put into writing. Why do I want it in writing? So I can scan it in and post it here… Of course. People need to see what “Flo” Is selling you in those ads. An ever increasing insurance.

    When your insurance costs half the price of the product you are insuring, then your insurance is too expensive.

    Received an Email today, saying that the total I owe is $13 and some odd cents.

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      The bill came in yesterday. $13 and some odd change. I will post later.

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