Dating – How I Detect a Bad Woman

    There are a few things I look at to know if the woman I JUST MET is a bad person with crummy morals.

  • She brings a back up date.
  • She forgets your name.
  • She asks you questions and answers for you
  • If she says I expect to be treated like a goddess
  • if she says all of my friends are guys
  • if she says you better take me to some place that is good, or we’ll just be friends… at best

    5 question rule

    I have this rule when I meet a woman that I am interested in and the woman appears (to me) to be showing an interest in me. It’s a 5 question rule. If the woman can make it 5 questions that she fires off at me, without inquiring about my monetary status, she is a keeper. Most women online, don’t make it past the third question. The hungrier she is to find a man to be her walking paycheck, the earlier she will ask. You have to set the rule for yourself as to what is acceptable and what is not. For me “Do you have a job/do you work/are you employed” are fine questions.

    Monetary Questions
    “How much do you make” is not a good question.
    ‘What kind of work do you do”, that question is borderline, because some women will listen to your answer and then never talk to you again, as if your job is not ever going to pay enough for her to leech off of you and you are scum to her, but it could be an honest thing where the woman just wants to know if you are happy and that you have a good career. Most often, it’s the first one.
    “How long have you worked there”, she could be wanting to know if you have a stable job and if you can commit, she could also be tilling up what she imagines starting wage to be, and about how much you make now.
    “Do you own a home or rent?” This question could honestly be that she wants to know if living arrangements will be a mess. Meaning if you or she moved in with the other, does someone have to sacrifice a house. Could also be her running a cash register in her head on you.
    If the first 4 questions she asked are these exactly, you stayed for 3 questions to many. You are not here to be judged like this. She has done nothing to get to know you for you. If her first question was any of the questions I stated before, and you wasted time answering her without being a a little bit twisted about it, then you are a tool.

    “Where do you work?” Can be a fair question just making conversation, or checking value of your employment status. To me, this is unimportant, and should be none of her business.

    Really it’s a first date, a “get to know”. This should not have any questions other than what you like and what you are into and what you enjoy. Get to know the man, not the bank. Any man who thinks it’s perfectly normal for a woman to care about such things, is clearly someone with no personality and no looks. He thinks her fooling around with the pool boy while he wastes money at the strip club, is perfectly normal. Because that is all that relationship will bring. Two people who have nothing in common and don’t really love each other.

    She mentions repeatedly that she needs a place to live, quick.
    actually, any emergencies she has on the first date is a red-flag.

    Never Listens
    She asks the same question more than once, and only replies with “uhuh”. Means she asked the question expecting you to run into a constant dribble about what ever it is, while she either texts a friend she would rather be with, or worries about something nowhere near you.
    You begin to say something and she rambles off into another direction like she has just come out of a quiet zone and finally able to speak for the first time.
    Changes the subject every-time you start to talk. She does not care what you are saying and just decides she has to teach you how to talk to her.

    No Time
    Constantly asks how long it’s going to be. ‘How long till this is over”,”How long before we are there” are good signs that she would rather the date end soon. Any sign that she wants the date to end pretty quick, is a good sign for you to go ahead and end it. If you still have more planned for later, go do it alone. Hopefully it is fun stuff, or… what do you expect and why do think she wanted out of the date?

    Are you tough?
    She implies that her ex is some sort of a good fighter, or loves to fight. This could be she wants to see if you are the same type of monkey as he was. The response she is looking for is “He ain’t nothing to sweat about”. This could lead her into antagonizing a fight between you and her ex.
    Some women actually like a guy who can fight, so she can “feel protected while being out”. Often, these girls will get you into so many fights. By flirting with men, just enough to get them aroused and testy enough to threaten you, as if to punk you and take your woman away.

    Contact and Affection
    She never touches you and never kisses you. She lets you touch her hand or her arm but never touches back. She doesn’t kiss you but lets you kiss her, but it never becomes tongue. but she still assures you that she is into you. If she doesn’t say why or how she likes you, it would be in your best interest to wrap this up and get her to her car or home. DO NOT CALL HER. If she is interested, she will call you. If she is not or if she has some game she thinks she should play and that you should know it magically, good riddance. You will not magically understand and no, your friends won’t either. Cut the loss and try again. In fact, while waiting for a response, start hunting for a new. This planet is full of single people.

    There are many signs that a woman can throw you that she does not want to be on a date with you and that you are just not the person she was hoping for. You have to know them when the signs come to you. But you can’t obsess and try and summon the signs to just happen. If she isn’t showing any disinterest or is showing pure attention to you just as you are to her, then you are on a good date.

    But do you know when you are on a date with a woman that might not be good for you?

    How to get out of a bad date.

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    1. Alisha | |

      How to detect a bad guy quickly:

      1. He discloses he has Herpes on the first date and expects you to smile politely and endure. He probably didn’t expect her to get up, pay the bill for both of them and plainly say, “I don’t date guys with STIs yet alone who didn’t disclose it before we ever went out,” and then leave.

      2. He whines about his ex-wife on the first date and how unfair it is he has to pay child support.

      3. He asks you to take off your high heels when getting into his new Porsche because it wears the carpet down.

      4. He immediately begins discussing “the woman of today” and insists that it’s okay that women get their own doors, pay their own tab, and can have sex when they want. Yep. Seriously. On the first freakin’ date no less.

      5. He uses a roofie.

      6. He has to blow-start his car after the date is over.

      7. He discusses his favorite brand of condoms before he ever orders his drink.

      8. His breathe stinks like an ashtray and he opens his mouth wide enough to engulf your head at the first kiss (and last).

      9. He talks about how his kids need a mother who is willing to stay home to take care of them while he works (looking for the live-in nanny because it’s cheaper than paying for one).

      10. He lets the woman drive his beautiful 67 Vette and drive it like she stole it 2 hours after meeting her. Any man (or woman) with a shiny red 67 Stingray should have enough self respect to not allow such a travesty – and if not, at least respect the car.

      Oh yes…I am going to build on this and throw it on my blog. LOL Reflecting on a busy dating life is always fun!

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