Reality of Dating Sites

    IT'S A TRAP 1

    Found myself on a dating site, Plenty of Fish. looking for company. Why else would you go there? Science? lol.. Yeah Right.

    Here’s a message to the ladies of dating sites.
    I found myself leaving with in three days of setting up my account.
    I found way too many issues with the people there, and their morals. Be it someone asking me how much money I make, or asking me if I have medical insurance, talking about getting married so they can change their Visa for a citizenship, what kind of car I drive and if I own or rent a home. Getting to know my monetary status without even seeing who I am at all.

    And then there are the traps. Too many transvestites and a drag queens, boy girls and post and pre-op gender changes.
    The website was riddled with them.

    My profile for precautionary actions said “If you were not born 100% female, then please move along”

    IT'S A TRAP 1
    IT’S A TRAP 1
    IT'S A TRAP 2
    IT’S A TRAP 2
    IT'S A TRAP 3
    IT’S A TRAP 3

    Transvestite who will not take “hey I don’t date your kind” as an acceptable answer.
    Now please. I am a guy. I know how guys are. Just because they like other guys, does not mean they will not be persistent, boundary over stepping, idiots. Like that guy. He had his man stuff removed and tried to dance around the reality of what actually happened. Tried to redefine his genitalia removal, as a needed medical procedure, and reduce it to a touch up of cosmetics. FYI Google this name “Nikki Araguz”. To verify it’s a guy. and it has a long story. I think I understand why.

    There are plenty of women on this dating website that are holding assault rifles or sitting on a motorcycle. I guess it’s Texas, so there are bound to be plenty of rednecks/hillbillies. It’s almost as if there is a list of formats that people are supposed to stick to. If you want a fat guy, wear a jersey, if you want a guy that goes outside, hold a gun in your picture. If you like them younger than you pose on a rice bike, if you want a business man with envy issue, pose on a Harley.

    And that’s it. that’s the whole dating scene for Texas if you are between 35 and 45 years old. That is all you have to chose from. Except of course single moms with daughters. Then you have zero smile in photos. and dressed very formal and the whole profile seems like a checklist of what guys can not say to her . The man can only follow her request of “Please fill my dead husband’s shoes”.

    I kept getting told how odd my profile was. It was so full of real stuff. I assume to many people were sticking to pre-planned formats and I just didn’t get the memo. Sorry but I am not about to read 100 guy’s profiles so I can learn from theirs. I don’t want to do that. I want to be myself and attract someone who likes ME. (Actually I know they are just saying some line they have saved in notepad that they paste in 400 profiles a day).

    So if you want success at a dating site. Do like everyone else. Copy the most common profile, look for people with the most common profile. and when people ask you anything about you personally, get mad at them and tell them to read your profile. If you have standards as to what lifestyle you want to live, look for the previous mentioned women. So if you know that you are the special different Harley rider with some reason as to why on weekdays you look nothing like you look on your Harley…. Then look for the woman posing on the Harley. Don’t worry, the guy before you wasn’t any bigger or scarier… she is hunting for guys like you. you’ll be fine. Even if she says he was in a gang. He wasn’t, she wants you scared of him so you don’t beat him up, she is working the same magic on him too. If you want a woman who will tolerate you watching football instead of taking her and her 5 sons to dinner, look for the little chubby chick in the jersey, her head is usually tilted back and her back is arched, and she isn’t leaning on anything. Most likely she is in her backyard.

    Final update.

    Lot’s of married women who are temporarily separated from their husband.
    And what’s with this belief that the guy is supposed to feed the woman? why is it not a good date to just go out for a walk in a park or something? Why must I pay money for every woman I try my chemistry with? $40 a night, will leave a guy broke long before he ever hooks up, and $40 is a cheap night. Of course the women call it standards, while to me, it seems kind of gross that they call My money, standards. And ladies don’t freak out because a guy takes more women out to finally get to you, this aint your first date, but I bet you haven’t paid for half the meals you have been on dates to eat.

    It’s weird, but i will get this stuff down. Eventually.

    The games they run

    Though I have noticed that the women who are “running game” ( means they just want someone to buy them stuff, pay for their night out,give them gifts) are the first to try and convince you that no one in this world is so bad as to run game on you.

    How to tell if she is running game, is from the moment you pick her up, she is smiling and everything you say matches her every thought, every dream every wish, and then the waiter takes your order.

    After the waiter takes your order, you need to say something definitive. Something opinionated. but not ridiculous.Something like “I find hunting to be cruel”. If what you say next, she instantly disagrees with you, then she is running game on you. Walk out now and leave her there sitting in that restaurant.  See It has been my experience that once the woman gets something from you, she will start laying the ground rules and defining the relationship as “just friends”. She will make sure that in her mixed up head, that she is not leading you on. YOU MET ON A DATING SITE. IF YOU WANTED FRIENDS YOU’D USE TWITTER.

    Check for a blister on her mouth. Check for her touching her stomach, as a pregnant women will do when she just finds out she is pregnant. Watch her alcohol intake. Actually I cover a lot of the next few things about a bad date already.

    Funny enough though. I know at least three women in my real world life who  use dating sites just as a scratching post. A place to pick up men, let the men take them home with them and do what ever.
    This boggles the mind. They are everything that other women tell me do not exist. EVERYTHING. Just not for me though Which is fine. but odd at the same time.

    Also, women flip out if you ask them how they are doing with the site

    • Get any good dates?
    • start any relationships?
    • Any luck here?

    But at the same time, that’s the first thing that over 75% of the women there will ask you.
    Clearly it’s not customary to create an acceptable formality and by all means you must treat them all as if they’re these brand new unique items individually. and if you don’t know how to talk to them, then you have no chance.

    Yeah No clue.

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