Trailer Park Boys 3 is Coming


    Rumor of Tpb Season 8. Season 8 is confirmed

    oh.. and here’s a video of day one in the filming of TPB3

    **UPDATE** March 19 2013

    **UPDATE** March 17 2013

    Filming is underway now

    Mike Clattenberg’s instagram page.

    Update 3.14.2013
    Trailer Park boys 3 to start filming in march

    Update 9/22/2012
    Seems the Movie might have been canceled. But so far not confirmed by Mike Clattenburg

    Update 10/8/2012
    Looks like the Actors are doing a Trailer Park Boys themed movie on their own.

    Swearnet an online internet media movie.

    tpb3 The movie -(No official Images yet)

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    Like a Tropical Earthquake the band of Rocket surgeons are currently rephuqulating up a new Trailer Park Boys movie.
    Posted by Sarah Dunsworth, this piece of news was launched may 18, 2012.
    But that was only confirmation to what the Account for Cory and Trevor had posted earlier that same day.


    We have a date (sorta) for filming .
    From Sarah Dunsworth

    I promise I’ll give you details when I know them. At this point it looks like there will be a 3rd movie shooting in the fall. I don’t know who is in the movie or what the script is about but you know what? If I did know I wouldn’t tell you! HAHAHA! Also I’m trying this new thing out called ignoring a##holes and dummies so a general “Suck it” to all of those people.

    Mike Clattenburg (brains behind the scheme) Says “It will be a Road Movie”
    What does this mean? I haven’t a clue but I am guessing there will not be a trailer park involved very much. Considering Sunnyvale is demolished. We can assume that Lahey failed with his new park.



    TPB3 road movie
    TPB3 road movie

    There is good chance that Mike is car hunting. Marquis. Think it’s Lahey’s car?
    and here, the “Dirty old Chevy” could be Ricky’s car

    Question is, how are they going to film this? The original trailer park was torn down and from what I understand, most of the property was sold off.
    Mike Clattenburg will even be involved in this new Trailer Park boys movie.


    • This new Trailer Park boys movie hits the old roots and just rents space in other trailer parks, to give the feel of the first few seasons of Trailer Park Boys.
    • Trailer Park Boys 3 has Cory and Trevor in it.
    • Hopefully we see Cyrus and the twins


    • We may see Jim Lahey’s Trailer Park being the scene of the new movie
    • We may see a run down trailer park that is supposed to be Jim’s trailer park.
    • Looks as if we could be taking a stroll back in time. Considering the chance that mike is car hunting.

    As of right now, there is no information of anything other than a 3rd movie is being made. So no release date, no locations. Nothing. Just that TPB3 will be in production in Fall this year and will have Sam in it, and it will be a “Road Movie”.
    You can leave speculations/hopes/inside info below in the comments area if you would like.

    Sign the “Hey we want Cyrus in this one” wish list. Goal is 1500 people.. I think.
    Bernard Robichaud makes a great villain. Maybe this time they can make him the mainĀ antagonist again. Show seems more real with the real crew.


    1. TPB Fan | |

      Best News Ever!!!!!!!
      Now F%^& off boys.
      I got work to do.

    2. MeteoraXV | |


    3. larry krueger (PembrokeOn.) | |

      maybe those guys at BuffaloeAir can give the lads a ride someplace,
      and then get that new mantracker to go find them. ‘A’
      NO serpise , but some of us would like to see Lussie..and the cop lady.
      ..thanks , its alot of work.

    4. George | |

      I’m a Virginia’n NOT A CANADIAN (not that there’s anything wrong with that)hahaa…As long as Bubz dosent steel the “Swazey Express” again I hope it’s filmed here in Va! Watch it Scorpian! Dodododododododooooooo The reaal quesstion is what the fu@k will Lehey do this time???randybobandy! Is Conkey still alive, Does Juian realy like dirty dancing? Will Rickey get a new shirt? Fo Syrus, Fo C&T, Fo Sarah, Fo Jamie, Fo Sam! Herez some beeds Lucy OO!

    5. zaniddoo | |

      Hahaha Fo off A, I’m an American too Mass. I think TPB is the greatest thing Canada ever did, 2nd tom green! It’s kinda funny I think we sorta embraced it’s true country humor. I don’t know anyone whos not seen it or cite some line, at least any1 who I respect. I can’t wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaiiiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait šŸ˜‰

    6. Maggy | |

      I hope it is shot in a trailer park, but even more, I hope they do a movie. But Direct TV MUST re-air all the episodes like they did a few years ago. That introduced a lot of people to TPB. I still have them all on my TIVO and I never tire of watching them.

      I was first introduced to TPB on BBCA 10-12 years ago. Even with the bleeps it was funny, something you did not have to think about or figure out or “get into” to enjoy. You watched it for laughs. And we need more senseless laughs in this day and age. I am a TCM, documentary, Broadwalk Empire kind of TV watcher (hate reality shows), but I would give them all up for a new series of TPB.

    7. Justin | |

      Trailer park boys 3!?!?!? give me a bam!!!!!!

    8. Maggy | |

      I think TPB will go down as one if the best series of all time. In this day and age, we need silliness, not the lies of the news or Hollywood reality shows. TPB is dry-cleaning for the brain. I think the social importance of TPB is being sadly overlooked. TPB needs to be available in America to a lot more people. The movies flopped here because no one knew the story line. I am the only person I know who even knows what this show is. I accidentally caught it years ago when it was chopped up on BBCA, chopped so badly, few people could sit through the half sentences. Luckily, Direct TV showed the whole series, but if you did not accidentally run across it on Direct TV 101, you would have missed it. It needs to be marketed right, picked up by HBO, Showtime, or Starz. Lord knows, it is better than some of the programs they have now.

    9. justin swan | |

      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make the 3rd movie and let me be in it as the new hip hop artist since jrock made it big lol ps i live in a real trailer park lol

    10. Jill Olson | |

      Please make this movie! I have seen every show, movie and I can hardly wait for another one. I laughed so hard that I peed my self. It brought me out of complete depression. Please have all the original cast members. I wish you would bring on more seasons of the show. Please reconsider it.

    11. Bizll. | |

      The boys are probably going on the road to get/find Cory and Trevor. Just a guess.

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