Men With Wigs

    I have been seeing a bunch of guys with long dreadlocks wigs and  dreadlocks extensions, here lately.
    Is that what we have come to? Trying to look like we are from some country (not here) and that we lack so much of ourselves we want to be someone else? Or is this a feminine thing? If it’s a feminine thing then I apologize, please exclude yourself from this rant. I am not slamming people who are “alternative in nature”.

    It’s okay if you guys play dress up. and if you actually grew that hair, then by all means, it’s your hair. Do what you do.

    But for some guy to claim he is heterosexual, and play dress up and wear wigs when they are not at a costume party, is far from masculine. Is envy so rampant these days that no one wants to be themselves? Be you, the best you can be you. That is all you can be with dignity.
    Same for you ladies. You do know that you look like a man in drag when the hair isn’t right for you… Don’t you?

    Sad enough though. I was at a gas station standing in line, and heard two kids laughing and giggling about a man who had a toupee that seemed to have lived it’s use for the day. I turned to offer a fist bump, what do you know….. Dreadlocks wigs… both of them.

    They weren’t laughing about the fact that the poor guy needed a wig. They were laughing at the sloppy work, or the fact that he actually works and has abused the toupee for the day so that his hair piece looked ratty.

    It’s a sad day when men laugh about how another man doesn’t have as good of a hair person as them.


    Don’t believe me? Do a Google search yourself for Dread Locks Wigs.


    Or Extensions if you must.

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    1. Mothering5 | |

      I must say I haven’t seen this trend much, but it sounds ridiculous. However, some men “fashion” I have seen has made me cringe when I think of what will be available/acceptable when my daughters begin dating (you know, 25 years from now).

      First, if you are old enough to drink legally, you are too old for the thin line of beard that goes along the jaw up to the sideburns. You are not a Backstreet Boy and this isn’t the 90’s anymore.

      Don’t turn your hat backwards and wear sunglasses.

      If you have a 32 inch waist, stop wearing 40 inch waist pants and letting them sag as to show off your new boxes (that I don’t want to see).

      Similarly, if you are a size 40 inch waist, accept it. Stop sliding them down to your knees while your belly hangs over the top and still insist you are a 32″ waist like you were in high school 20 years ago.

      Make up is for GIRLS. Period.

      Bily Ray Cyrus killed the mullet a long time ago, there’s a reason it died.

      Wife beaters suck. Beating your wife can get you killed in public – the same should be said for WEARING a wife beater in public.

      Short shorts are for skinny girls and 80’s exercise videos – you are neither. Please don’t wear them.

      Wear your toupe if it makes you feel good.

      People flock to people of a like mind and habit. Dress accordingly.

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