Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight? Poll

    Biggest Boxing event of 2012 so far.
    Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight?
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    The internet Is arguing about the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight.
    Most of the people on Facebook and Twitter say the same thing.
    All of the sports news sites show exactly what the judges call. But clearly have edited out large portions of the fight.

    So Interwebs, what do you think?
    Pacquiao vs Bradley Who really won the fight?

    Here’s more..

    Bob Arum Refuses Rematch.

    Comments Below are open. Say what you feel.


    1. who | |

      1000% fixed, and bob playing his part with he wants a investigation ,c’mon!! i hope foul play is found asap and those involved are prosecuted .

    2. truth | |

      Bradly won that fight easily. He just isnt who everyone was rooting for.
      when you hear someone go “awe bs” it leads you to second that opinion, if it’s against the way you “wished” it would go.

      Get over it. Packy lost.

    3. Uncertain Curtain | |

      Pacquiao won that fight easily. Anyone can see it.
      A rematch would only prove it . but I doubt anyone will pay to see a rigged fight. So there will not be a rematch. Boxing is dead to me.
      Won’t be long before they corrupt MMA.

    4. Fan | |

      Bradly won.

    5. fabiole | |

      Those of you (the .005%) who said Bradley won the fight most likely did not see the fight or have a vision problem. If I was the a member of Team Pac I would not give them the sweat of my brow by agreeing to a rematch. Let the cheaters sink.
      A former Army Boxer.

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