Billionaire Farmville on Mars

    If mars could sustain plant life
    My roommate and I were talking about how the Rover is headed to mars, and how out of the entire planet they could land it on, they selected to land in a crater where all of the ground is disturbed and foreign objects are in the soil, but so they could observe the different layers without having to dig, they decided to land in a crater on mars. Then I came up with an idea on how we, can all pitch in. Okay maybe not all of us. Okay barely even some of us. How can we increase research and expansion?
    Think Pop up Green house huts.

    Billionaire Farmville on Mars.
    They buy a default single acre of land and try to out grow everyone elese’s farm, send some rover there to harvest and drop off water and bring back billionaire vegetables grown in special non-polluted air blah blah blah.Just get them to maintain their farm, and conserve their shipment of water until the next shipment.
    If billionaires would get addicted to it like my parents and farmville. And who knows. If plant and farm growth took long enough to grow, they’ll probably want food grown, and think they will live longer because of the mars vegetation.

    After time, Oxygen increases. Most of earth water is there, then.. we live from planet to planet.. Of course after a few hundred or thousand years.

    I have no way to end this. Venus edition ?
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