Prince Harry Photos – Reality

    Prince Harry had photos leak to the internet. and story is that he was not dressed at all. And he had just lost in a game of strip pool.
    Question is, How great do you think the power is for the royal family ?
    Do you not think this is a publicity stunt ?
    If the United States military can remove leaked secret documents from the internet, then the Royal family can pull strings and have defamatory images removed in a matter of hours.
    It would seem this is a publicity stunt to stop some rumor about the bodies of the royal family. If so, maybe they need to breed someone a tad larger into their bloodline, because if he is the poster child for what they have, then the images don’t say much good.

    Because really, who is naked near a camera without an agenda, while flexing their abs and posing?

    It would seem these images were not leaked, but more distributed.

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