Obama Honors Neil Armstrong or Did He?

    President Barack Obama Honors Neil Armstrong with this post
    A picture of himself staring at the sky.
    Yes Obama honors the first man to make it to the moon, by using a picture of himself staring at the moon, In April.

    Proof of the date of the photo, is all in the moon. Waxing Crescent. Neil’s death was on the 25th, Obama made his post  soon after.

    Question is, not why did he take a picture of himself staring at the moon, but why did he just dig up a picture he took 4 months ago, to pay respects of a true American, a true hero ? Neil Armstrong. Why an old picture? Memory card full on his camera? at least take the time to offer a true respectable honorable photo.

    Sure it’s the moon, but did Obama not cut funding for Nasa ?

    Why is he using this for his campaign? Do they think that  Americans are so stupid we don’t put two and two together and realize what all of this means?


    First and foremost, this is complete disrespect.


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