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    The Hobbit Screen Capture

    Hobbit Movie Review
    The Hobbit Screen Capture

    The Hobbit, has a trailer out. Should be as great as the Lord of The Rings

    they are using later writings by JRR as well to flesh out the three movies. They are not just being based on what is in The Hobbit. We will see a lot of the events surrounding Gandalf while he leaves the group. Hopefully some hot Wizard on Necromancer action to…wet…our appetite.

    Speculation is 3 movie set again.

    And some certain licensing were not re-released to the makers of this set.

    Post from Screenrant

    Jackson is confirming that he’s been given the go-ahead on Hobbit 3 from Warner Bros., which is funding the fantasy project. Initial reports say the movie will be a Summer 2014 release, breaking from the tradition where Jackson’s Middle-earth movies are released during December (and a year apart). That’s assuming The Hobbit: There and Back Again doesn’t change from a December 2013 release.

    The video is short but shows plenty.

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