What has Obama Done For Gas Prices

    **Update** Since Obama got called out live on television, gas prices have slowly dropped. **Update**

    Gas Prices Since 08
    Gas prices in 2008 after Bush left office, had dropped to $1.60 a gallon across The united States of America.
    Gas prices now Across the Nation are now at $3.79 A GALLON

    Remember when everyone said that Bush caused gas prices to “Skyrocket” ? and that he was a shareholder in some petroleum company and it was his fault that gas prices were high? and that everyone was relieved to see him leave office because the gas prices dropped as soon as Bush left office?

    We have all watched the gas prices grow and gradually grow since Obama has been in office. Odd enough, no one has said anything to or done anything to fix this. Not even the president who says he is here to help the poor.

    If Mr Obama is here for the poor, why is helping people get food stamps, instead of putting a cap on these gas prices so we can drive to work? He seems to have started at the bottom to work his way up, instead of at the top problems to work his way to the bottom.

    Help us keep work and you will have less of us on tax payer food stamps, and out of gasoline for our vehicles.

    These gas prices are outrageous. Why has Obama overlooked this issue? Thanks for nothing. I’m happy to help pay the insurance for those who can’t work, along with those who refuse to work while trying to afford my insurance and these hideous gas prices. Your words are sweet, your actions are amateur.


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