Metal Music Failure

    Metal music has always been a great enjoyment to me. The pleasure of listening to someone sound completely enraged with what ever it is they are singing about is in it’s own way, nice to hear sometimes. The different atmosphere of being in a room full of people with the same thrill in them, the smoke, the lights, the beer, the angry women. All of it is just fun. I do suggest everyone give it a try.

    The part that makes metal music a failure is… In the names of the bands playing local shows.

    I know you want to be unique and you want your name to stand out. but truth is, stand out to much and no one will remember you. People just don’t have that kind of memory. Don’t name your band something like Remnant Carcases of Maleficent Dandelions. and then expect people to remember that. And to a go a step further, don’t write your name in some lettering that no one can read. If they can’t remember your name, how do they look for you? They may hear a name that makes them say “Yeah I think that’s the band I liked” and then show up and see a tribute band for ToTo. Now that band just got money that your band could have made and you are lost in some crap hole dive bar playing out to the other bands waiting to get on stage. That’s it, just you and twenty other people.. Who are in the five other bands there.

    Don’t go getting neck and face tattoos of your band’s name while you are some band trying to take off. You can’t get a job, you’re in a band that no one remembers, and no one can take a flyer with them because, they can’t even read your band’s name anyway.

    Look at the bands that made it to millions of sales. Tool. Simple name, slow music though but a name no one will forget. They still express their rage. Who cares if the guitarist plays the same exact same six notes over and over. Clearly not the people who bought millions of their CDs, or the people at the shows they have played around the globe. Look at Pantera. The name is not the most common. but you remember it. The lettering can be read. So you know where to see them next. It’s not some wimp thing to do to be easy to remember. It’s a smart thing to do. Name your super hatred Screaming band something like “Dave” and watch the world change for you. People can remember “Dave”. Not some band they have to look at a chemical chart to remember. “Hey let’s go see that band, with the name that sounds like something on my medical record” Said no one…. Ever. What kind of hipster crap is this? “We’re so elite, no one can follow us”. On top of that, you can’t tell what you guys are saying. Tone it down a notch. You don’t have to be “the most metal” you just have to be the metal that sounds right, and says what they want to hear.

    When I see a flyer and it’s full of bands with names I can’t read, I avoid their show. I can’t write about them. I have no clue what they are. I won’t know one band from another. I mean why bother even saying the name of the band if the flyer looks like chicken scratch on it?

    If you want your music heard. Then be something to remember, or you are just another person in the cause of death of metal music. Music has a lot to do with name.

    To quote Shakespeare “What’s in a name?”.

    Well a Whole heck of a lot when you want return listeners, or people to look up your band online and buy your singles.

    If you have friends and they post reasons they can’t show up to your shows…. right there on your announcement page, message them this page.

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