When Diet DrPepper is flat

    diet drpepper

    diet drpepper
    diet dr pepper
    When Diet Dr Pepper is flat it tastes like seltzer water. No flavor just fizz. and gives me heartburn.
    Sometimes I catch the twelve packs repackaged. and it seems that Dr Pepper doesn’t have much more than a 2 month shelf life before it gets that way.

    I always thought it was just me. Then last night, my G/F showed up with a 12 pack of Diet Dr Pepper. I had two diet Dr Peppers left. So I consumed the one I was drinking and made myself a glass of tea that was cold, while the new 12 pack was chilling in the fridge.

    Night came and my girlfriend came in the room with a Diet Dr Pepper in her hands and she sat on the bed and cracked the thing open. She took a sip. Looked at it funny. She took another sip and shrugged then laid down. Some time passes and she takes another sip of her soda, and looks at me and says “man, when this stuff gets warm, it has no flavor”. See, she doesn’t drink Diet Dr Pepper that often, so she was the perfect outside opinion. I never told her or anyone of how Diet Dr Pepper tastes after a couple months, or any of my suspicions about the soft drink. I just buy mine from the same store because they always seem fresh there.

    Protip, don’t buy your Diet Dr pepper from a store in an area that is less likely to move the soda fast enough. (I think the stuff settles to the bottom after a month. ) Buy yours from a store that is in an uppity neighborhood. You are less likely to see rednecks or tailor trash or ghetto folks drinking Diet Sodas. So go to the yuppie neighborhood. The more the ginseng crap on the shelves, the more likely that Diet Dr Pepper is super fresh.
    Yes that is full of stereo typing but I worked long enough in a gas station that I can be more than 80% correct at guessing what someone is about to buy when they walk in a gas station.

    can we just label them as flat with no flavor? Well you can’t call it flat, because there is plenty of heartburn inducing fizz. What can you call them ?


    1. Lew | |

      This is so true. I have had 2 bottles of diet DR P that taste like watered down tea. Get it fresh or just drink water.

    2. Debbie | |

      I’ve poured out alot of bad diet Dr. Pepper at work this year, the flavor and sweetness is not right. I don’t know if it’s the Texas summer heat or the short shelf life of aspartame or what. The 24 pack I just opened at home is also bad and is going right back to the store. I’ve noticed the price has increased and maybe people are not buying it enough to keep a fresh supply in the stores.

    3. TruXter | |

      I have bought three 24packs in row that were flat. After the 3rd or 4th can, I get heart burn. You too?

    4. Kesha | |

      I have bought Dr. Pepper on several different occasions and almost all times they were flat. I have even had a can or two on several occasions at my grandfathers house who stays in a completely different city and on all occasions the sodas were flat. He stays in a pretty suburban area by the way. He had told me that the Dr. Pepper taste terrible but if I want I can take the unopened case of diet Dr. Peppers that he had, which happened to be pretty carbonized compared to the other pack.

    5. Doc P | |

      Where I live Diet Dr Pepper is imported from the USA and I tend to stockpile it because it’s so hard to find it easily (the Diet variety in particular). I bought about 10 cases of the 12-packs and by the last couple the flavour had completely gone although it was well within the best-before date. There was plenty of fizz but absolutely no flavour – tasted exactly like soda water.

      I bought a can while I was out today from a store (much newer than my batch at home) and it tasted completely different and full of flavour. I’ve also found that either warm or too cold the flavour dulls a lot.

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