The Handbook of Men

    Compensating a bit
    Compensating a bit
    Compensating a bit

    Men have unspoken, unwritten rules.
    These rules should be common sense. These rules should be in stone these rules need not be passed on from real men to other real men.
    Well, for you guys having trouble understanding, and you women having trouble seeing. READ THESE RULES. Understand these rules are a must. and obey these rules,orĀ  you shall not be considered a whole man.
    This is not about Bro points. This not about some man card crap. Men do not care for that sort of game. This, is survival of the fittest. Do it, or die crying about it. For reference.

    This my friends, I bring you

    The Handbook of Men

    • Let no man, EVER. Borrow lotion from another man!
    • Let no man, hold the door for another man, leading into the restroom.
    • Let no man, cough less than other men.
    • Let no man, ask “Hey buddy, you alright?”
    • Let no man, stand within 2 feet behind you.
    • Let no man, tell you that you have to be less manly.
    • Let no man, be more “alpha male” by means of saying you are “overly alpha male”. For this is a vice of defiance.
    • Let no man, tell you to be more sissy/politically correct.
    • Let no man, be unjust to a woman.
    • Let no man, be unjust to you.
    • Let no man, make you listen to his whining.
    • Let no man, tell you what you can’t do, just because he can’t do it.
    • Let no man, prove his pen is mightier than your sword. Do not give him the chance.
    • Let no man, define you to his standards.
    • Let no man, dart through the door when you hold it for your lady. That man is no man at all.
    • Let no man, go out of his way to ruin your day, without you pointing out the fact that you are important to them.
    • Let no man, doubt you.
    • Let no man, impress you with purchasable items. They do not make you more of a man.
    • Let no man, impress you with tattoos, because 300 other people have that exact same one… in your neighborhood.
    • Let no man, talk to you in the restroom.
    • Let no man, escort you to the restroom.
    • Let no man, brag about something you don’t care about.



    Be the way you are.I am not bothered by you being you.
    Until you tell me the way I am should be more like you.
    That fact that I prefer to not be the same as you
    does not mean I have a phobia of you.

    I have a different lifestyle from you and do not force my lifestyle on you.
    DO NOT force yours on me, and I will like you for who you are.

    No man has to change his ways to accommodate your ways, and you the same for him

    Boundaries. Man the F^%&* up!

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