Mandatory Healthcare on the heads of the company owners ?

    A bunch of Idiots are boycotting Papa Johns because The owner says he might take a big loss if he is forced to pay for overhead he never had when he started his company. A company that battled against a Goliath of a company like Pizza Hut.. Pizza Hut who was making subpar pizza but charging full price because they would buy up all competitors in their local areas and then use their cheap vendors, while owned by a larger company called TriCorp (Pizza Hut, taco bell, Kentucky fried chicken) who was owned by a much larger company.. Pepsi Co. These idiots are actually planning a boycott on Papa Johns. The one company that stood against pizza hutt and when they got to the to top announced ” I am the grandson of the original owner of Pizza Hut, who got bought out by pepsi”.

    You life newbs have ruined the country because “no really, LOLZ, it would be cool”.

    For those of you who are ridiculing Papa John’s CEO John Shattner for what he said about economics. (Not politics, economics, get it right newbs.. this is economics)

    Come on. Just look at what is happening. Sure you voted on a  promise that sounded like it would be the coolest thing to happen, and hey at least something cool happened in your generation. Right? and in the future you can tell your kids that you survived something tragic. So… win win.

    YES YOU will.

    I can draw a graph and help you understand what is happening  if you need me to. I really don’t want to but I can. I guess
    Let me explain this as simple as I can.
    Force companies to pay for something they didn’t have to before:

    • Struggling companies have increased overhead= bankrupt
    • Large companies on a large scale, raise prices for their product to cover the loss. = products sold less often.
    • Which leads to lay offs, because … well.. no products moving, no income, no ability to pay. (do I really have to explain this to you?)
    • Raises become less and less often. So the delivery drivers will go from less than 25 cents raises a year to even less if any at all.
    • Who’s going to tip the drivers when the pizza costs $25 a pizza?

    Meanwhile gas stations follow the exact same suit. gas prices go up, raises go down. and no the gas stations are rarely corporate owned anymore. Most are franchise. Once that fat fart who makes their paychecks sees a loss, he won’t suddenly fix everything with a magical wish. He will cut employees, cut raises and jack prices.

    • beer prices go up. because it takes employees to make, to ship to sell to stock beer.

    and yes, I worked six years with Pizza Hut. Where the managers make it impossible for the drivers to get healthcare. Yes they offer it, but make it the most complicated thing to achieve, and when you can finally achieve insurance, the managers do not cooperate with you in receiving healthcare.

    Do you think $20k is a stupid price for a car? LOL. kiss that goodbye.
    you think someone can say “well we will put a cap on all of that because the president said so”. Then you are mistaken. Because everything falls under this issue.
    Think you can make fun of Papa Johns and solve the problem ?  Sorry to tell you but all you will cause is Papa Johns to go bankrupt because they will be considered taboo, once they have your stink on them, they are doomed. what this does is causes Pizza Hut and their B-rated toppings and flavor to finally get the chance to pounce Papa Johns while they are down (oh they have been at them for years) by dropping prices enough to sure the kill. and once Pizza Hut becomes the Goliath it used to be, down go the Dominoes. and what do we have? A Monopoly by default that you handed them. Obamanomics.

    A Quote from a random person on Facebook

    .K. This one? I have to share. So what your saying is that companies are not allowed to look out for their own well being. They only exist for the well being of their employees. Well, do the math, if Obamacare is free, which it isn’t, the rest of us are going to have to pay for it, including companies, out of our pocket, which means there is less money to run a business. Which means there is less money to pay workers, which means there are less workers. Which means there are more layoffs. Which means the unemployment rate just went up. The government doesn’t create jobs or income. You liberals need to get a clue, and a degree in business because none of your ideologies make good business or common sense.

    This isn’t fear mongering, this isn’t doomsday. This is me looking at train, about to wreck saying “hey… look what you did”. Can you fix it quick enough?

    Welcome to the United States where you are free to not be able to afford to start a company.

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