Hostess and Twinkies no more?

    hostess sales skyrocket

    hostess sales skyrocket

    The pastry (if you can call it that) company Hostess is said to be shutting down.
    We are uncertain if it’s because of increased overhead, or if it’s because of increased regulation. or if it’s because of union strikes.

    uncertain. but here is reference.

    but fact is.. if you don’t work, the company you are standing in front of that is losing it’s profits, can’t produce . the company goes under.
    If it’s because of healthcare and regulations and over head cost of the new healthcare system. Then this is a fine example of Obama care. Spending money takes money and if everyone is on strike while expenses go up…

    You know.. they should just take it over seas and produce from there. There are more people willing to work, and not make it the company’s responsibility to pay for their insurance. That is of course if it’s from Obama care.
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    Truth is, there is no one saying anything just yet. We will just have to wait,

    but … No more twinkies for you.

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