Expendables 2

    expendables 2

    Rented Expendables 2 from the local redbox container.
    The disk was clean. FINALLY .. no jelly.

    expendables 2
    expendables 2

    The movie it’s self was filled with action. Explosions, gung-ho motivation. A movie full of MAN.
    If you are looking for a movie where the good guy gets the girl at the end and they run away happy because he learned how to be sensitive, then you certainly looking at the wrong movie.
    Expendables 2 is not an emotional movie. Not one second of Expendables or Expendables 2 has an emotional man heart softening moment in it. This proves that we do not need crying scenes or love scenes or winning the girl. We just want to see the good guy get the bad guy and make the bad guy known, and then make the make guy a fool, and then rid the world of the bad guy.

    In place of emotional scenes, Expendables 2 has punchlines and cheesy oneliners. This movie breaks all current movie rules. This movie breaks all current action film rules. Expendables 2 breaks all current war movie rules. and brings in one element they still do, but not as subtle. The catch phrase. The cheesy one liner. a whole lot of it. but again, that just replaces the wimpy fall in love scenes. So.. I am good with that.

    Let men who want to be men, just be men.

    Expendables 2 score:
    camera 10/10
    cast 10/10
    acting 10/10
    plot 6/10 who the hell needs a plot?
    audio 10/10
    Final score 9/10 Man Movie

    Another Redbox Rental.

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