Red Dawn 2012

    red dawn 2012
    red dawn 2012
    red dawn 2012

    Visited a local theater with some friends to see the latest version of Red Dawn.

    Red Dawn a Movie about a hypothetical war that comes from a Hypothetical invasion from the current most likely to succeed in the take over.

    Staring the Josh peck – little chubby kid from Drake and Josh. He’s not so chubby anymore.

    Couple things I have to point out.

    Why are there people in orange prisoner suits being transported all around and held in camps, while other people are just sitting around in a sandwich hsop eating like nothing is going on at all ?
    What’s with the the free will check points leading back into the concentration camps? Or random location unexplained, meanwhile people are getting rounded up while others are just walking around going through these undefined checkpoints?????

    The camera focused in and out and bounced all around so often I found myself getting a headache. I think it’s to fit in with the youtube era.

    I couldn’t name any music from a sound track so I am uncertain if there was one at all.
    I can’t report on that at all.

    Now don’t get me wrong. The movie was good, just a couple inconsistencies. I can only assume that something was cut out of the movie in the final edit and the team just didn’t realize how important it actually was.

    Movie score:
    Camera: 6/10
    plot: 8/10
    audio: 10/10
    realism : 7/10
    Final score = 7/10

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