How To Tell if your Ex is a Stalker

    stalk much???

    So there was a break up between you and the woman/man you have been in a relationship with for a few years. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is no longer your woman/man. You are no longer her/his man/woman. and you have already been through the “crazy Girlfriend” portion of this site and now, things should be back to normal, but you notice weird little things that can’t be explained . Here’s a few and if you notice one, you might want to give attention to the possibility that your ex is stalker. If you have more, it just get worse. So two would cause more caution. All would mean she/he might be making little dolls with your corpse in the next month or so.

    • Sends you a text message asking you how “the event is going” when you never told her you are at “the event”.
    • Tells you your girlfriend is pretty/ugly and they never met.
    • one of your new friends you met online posts a new picture of your ex and says “me having the best day”.
    • She pops in every time you have a woman over.
    • Someone keeps writing bad notes in the dirt on your car.
    • every time you wash your car, you find it mysteriously dirty when you wake up the next morning.
    • She applies for work at your job.
    • Still calls your mom on the phone.
    • Still calls your mom “mom”.
    • Stops by to give you your mail, and it has your current address on it.
    • your new girlfriend/boyfriend tells you about their new friend, who fits the same description, but different name.
    • When you log into your email, you find new messages that have already been read.
    stalk much???
    stalk much???

    Any sign of your Ex being a stalker is not good. You have no idea what they do when you are not around and they are talking to people you didn’t even know they know. So it would be in your best interest to take a legal path of removing a stalker from your trail.

    or you could try making them not want to follow you around so much. You could

    • Send yourself emails from a fake email address, emails that suggest you and the fake person are in a deep committed relationship and you can give this new fake person a far away address. Ask a friend on facebook who lives a ton of miles away for the address of some weird location like sewage plant. and in a few exchange emails have the fake person send you  that address and ask for stuff be shipped to fake him or fake her. Make it look as if they are using  you, and that you totally love being depended on.
    • Start going to a church that the ex would never like.
    • Join a protest for something totally unrelated to your regular beliefs. or useless to your life, like a protest/strike for some company’s right to softer toilet paper, and you don’t even work there.
    • Hire a private investigator to find who is on your trail and get photographs of him or her doing something they don’t want posted on Facebook. and create an account in their name and add all of their friends and family members you can think of, so they can see them stalking you.

    A ton of things we can think of may not be legal to get the stalker ex off you. but sure do seem like great ideas. End result is someone is hurt or you are in jail. Neither of those are good. but then again, your stalker could potentially get you fired or broken up from your current partner.

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