Why your boyfriend doesn’t like to hang out with your friends.

    I hate your friends

    So now you and your boyfriend have met each other’s friends and have had time to get to know everyone. You want to hang out with him again with all of your friends and let them see just how much more awesome he can be. Right? but he does not want to go. What happened ?
    Pretty easy to explain but let’s do my favorite bullet points list . Makes me feel like I am explaining stuff better.

    • Your friends are jackasses. (tried to hard too assure him you are to be in charge)
    • All of your friends are guys. And that’s a sign of what you REALLY are.
    • He doesn’t like to play ” you remember when” for time periods that predate him in your relationship.
    • The three guys in your circle that you have had casual relations with and you think he doesn’t know, he knows. and he doesn’t want to know how far in the friends list your promiscuity actually goes.
    • Sometimes women can be so competitive, everything he says or asks, is totally wrong. So he wants nothing to do with a group of them.
    • He thinks your friends disrespect you and doesn’t want to knock someone out that you think you like, for disrespecting his woman.
    • He thinks your friends disrespect you and it makes him question the real you. Prefers to live with an illusion.
    • Your friends treat him like he is donating his last drop of blood for you, and finds that odd. Kind of suspicious.
    • Found your Alpha male and wasn’t impressed and doesn’t want to roll around on the floor ruining it for the guy.
    • You seem to act like you want him to fight people.
    • Your friends keep asking him to do stuff he isn’t comfortable with. Funny nagging is just as bad as grumpy nagging.

    Really it could be a number if things on this list, or none of them at all. You can’t ask your boyfriend why he doesn’t hang out with your friends, you just have to pay attention more from his point of view at what things might look like. and yes you can do it, if you have any experience in life with confrontations.
    Not saying he’s not lazy. Not saying your friends are all bad people. I am saying it takes a lot of crap, to make a man say “okay, that’s enough of that.. I’m out”. So.. if you push much, you might push him out of your life, and it might be a good idea to reconsider your friends and boyfriends , current lifestyle, past lifestyle and what your plans are. He has to exist in it also, if he is to exist in it too.

    I hate your friends
    I hate your friends

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