Water Service Line Coverage – Scam?

    So. I check my mail. In my mail is now the fourth notice I have gotten from this company and it seems a bit more threatening than the last notices they sent me. This time it tells me I have 30days to respond. Letter head looks like it’s from the state. Along with the letter they sent me, they even sent another item that has the look of a check. Even two sets of numbers that look like account numbers and routing numbers. So far… Two strikes that scream I don’t need to trust these people. of course the other side of that is advertisement. and well, there is no way to cash this junk.

    The first letter Reads as

    Unforeseen water supply line breaks and leaks on your property can occur without warning. As the homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the exterior water line on your property from the water company main or service connection to the foundation of your home.

    Repairs can cost thousands of dollars and are not typically covered by basic homeowners insurance. Without coverage you are responsible for the full cost of repairs.

    Coverage is now available so you can protect yourself from the costs and inconvenience of unexpected repairs with optional Water Service Line Coverage from HomeServe.

    Micheal Backus
    Sr. Vice President, Customer Service

    Return address is

    PO BOX 141274
    AUSTIN TX 78714-9913

    To start this, I would like to say that my water line is less than 2 feet under ground and the pvc (or what ever that was that reminded me of pvc) running to my house is just at 18 feet .
    I do not trust a company that tries to look official but turns out to accept bills at a po box.
    The person in charge of receiving the bills, is plan administrator???
    Considering I work plans and engineering and permitting for the company I work with, I can’t imagine the plans department taking bills.
    I assume they just wanted to lay out some mumbo jumbo talk to make people think this is more official than it needs to be.

    If the pipe breaks, I will know it. The ground will be squishy. and well. A nice slow leak in my yard couldn’t hurt the grass all that much. Considering they are insuring the pipage from the curb to the foundation.
    The total cost of pipe and glue and fittings from the curb to the wall, approximately $12. The amount of money it would cost to replace the total water line from the curb is about $12. The maximum amount of time it would take to do so, probably not more than 4 hours to dig, remove,replace and bury. That is giving lots of room for error. I am a man and can easily handle this task by myself. I know this for a fact because I did this when I was 11, with a friend and his father. We did 3 houses in two days and we played a whole bunch.
    Hardest part was getting under the sidewalk. but with us both being creative 11 year old kids, it was a snap. We spent a whole hour on the sidewalk part. 30 minutes coming up with an idea, 30 minutes making it work. If it worked then, it would work now.

    So, No. I am in no stress to get pipe insurance that costs more over three months than it costs to buy the parts. A year of monthly payments would pay a professional plumber’s wage for 8 hours. It’s not my responsibility to pay a plumber’s wages for the amount of time it would take him to do it. and you know in Texas he won’t do it. He will pick up an immigrant and pay him $4 an hour to do it while the plumber sits in the truck with his license. $4.99 a month for less than 20 feet of plastic tubing insurance? I think I have gasoline for my car to worry about.

    If you are thinking $60 a year isn’t bad….
    You haven’t done your research.

    From BBB Site
    In the news
    Rippoff report
    Another ripoff report

    So yeah. I’ll probably not bother with them.

    Maybe if all I had was a spoon to dig with, I would consider it. but then again, shovels are only 8 bucks, unless you buy one at a garage sale.

    but if you want to call HomeServe yourself their phone number is 1-877-444-7750. Just ask them all of the useful questions you can think of about the insurance coverage of your waterline.


    1. Chrystal | |

      My dad got these same letters and said the same thing as you….if my pipe breaks, I’ll fix it myself for a hell of a lot cheaper!

    2. Milton | |

      I’ve received the second letter like this from the HomeServe plan administrator located in a nearby Chicago suburb. I’m 82, on a fixed income in a 86 year old house. I am fearful of expenses relating to unexpected catastrophic events. I was intrigued and ready to sign up til i read your comments. Thanks for waking me up

    3. TruXter | |

      Not a problem friend.

    4. Patti | |

      At first, I thought, “My this makes sense. But my tingling senses wouldn’t let me sign up. Why 30 days to sign? Their method of payment didn’t seem appropriate. I decided to go on-line and see if someone had posted this as a scam. THANK YOU for writing about your experience and the details of your writing. Brilliant. Because of your post I have been saved from a foolish move. I am grateful.

    5. Anthony | |

      Thank you for the information on your sight. I have been receiving letters from this company more than a few years now. My first thought was “SCAM”, for years I put the letters in the trash. I was about to pay this fee when I came upon your site. I believe I’ll keep my $60.

      Thank You

    6. coachmdw | |

      Same old story, same old song. I think this is just as bad as having Home Service Insurance for 5oo plus a ayear They would send some knucklehead out to do the job of what ever and charge a bunch extra. NO NO to all of these bums…the water line will get fixed and I will call a local company to do it…

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