Why I Hate S.U.V. Drivers

    It’s not bad enough that you have to have a big massive piece of junk on the same road as everyone trying to get past your behemoth, it’s that you do not know how to drive the thing.

    Look. If it takes you more than 8 seconds to pull into or out of a parking spot.. You do not know how to drive your vehicle and it is not the car for you.
    If you think that because your SUV stands for SPORT Utility Vehicle, that you have to drive fast in traffic because sport is usually related to sports cars. Don’t do that. You need much more space to slow down. I don’t care what the brochure said when you bought it. everyone behind you is sick of you raging off the line in traffic at the red light only to hit your brakes 90000 times because you see a red light 1/2 a mile down the road. Your subconscious mind knows that you need more space, and your ignorant mind doesn’t even realize you are doing this. In fact, you do it so often, you look like a strobe from the moment you take off to the moment you stop because you hit your brakes constantly.

    Also, your SUV does not make you taller or more intimidating. So please, quit trying to ram me off the road, quit looking the other way when you pull out into traffic in front of me.

    Just get a vehicle that you can drive and one that keeps you from killing yourself in traffic. The larger of SUVs weigh around 7100 lbs, while the Chevy Impala weighs 3600 lbs. a head on collision at 50 mph between the two would be fatality to both drivers. The suv would role enough times to leave it’s driver looking like they were mixed in a blender. It’s the top weight of the vehicle that leaves it rolling as apposed to cars with the lower section being more than 3 times the weight of the top that recuses the about of rolls.

    Your Compact SUV is just 500 lbs heavier than an Impala. and that weight is spread out evenly from the frame to roof. This while having a higher stance than the Impala. at 50 mph, that compact SUV would be certain death to the driver of the Compact SUV while the driver of the Sedan would have a chance of survival. Since the compact SUV would climb on top of the sedan before the roll, it would reduce the crumple of the sedan, but increase the roll of the SUV. Resulting in death to the driver.

    Look, it’s okay to own whatever it is that you want to buy,build or be gifted with. But you have got to get out of the image of driving the super ultra tank tractor bigfoot, because your two wheel drive gas guzzling cup-holder with television in the headset (means you tote kids) is none of those.. It’s a minivan with a different design and different name to make you buy the car that replaced the station-wagon.

    Here’s some food for thought.

    Sometimes, the people hurt in Road Rage Incidents, were jerks.

    When you stand near your SUV you look even shorter than if you drove a regular car. and it doesn’t help when you have to jump to get out of the SUV.

    and here.. someone else caught something I see every day but never have video on

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