Missed Appointment with a doctor Should you recieve a fee?

    So you missed an appointment. Wouldn’t you love to tell the doctor .
    “I didn’t show up this time because I gave the next guy a chance to be seen at the scheduled time .”

    It’s said that some doctors are talking about taking a small amount of money and holding it as a deposit in case the patient doesn’t return at the scheduled time. and some doctors are deducting portions of that deposit for how ever long they are late to the appointment.
    but what if the patient shows up on time and the doctor runs a little late in his prior task? does the doctor refund the money and then some?


    This post is motivated by a phone call I received today from an automated voice on the other end.
    The voice told me I have a doctor’s visit scheduled for today and I should press 1 to confirm and press 2 to cancel it.
    I have no memory of scheduling a doctor’s visit anywhere in the past year. So I did what any logical person would do. I hung up the phone. Then I put the phone number into Google and did me a search. Turns out, legit automated phone caller who calls for doctor’s offices all over the place. The was “949-415-2151”. California. I am in Texas. So it seemed funny that it even happened.

    What gets me is the automated voice announced it’s reminder was for me . By name. Even more odd is I missed a call just yesterday from a local General Practice Hospital. I saw it on my caller I.D. and called it and asked all of the names I could think of to assure that my friends and family are all safe.

    I wonder how closely these two calls are related.


    but still, am I about to receive a fee for skipping out on a doctor’s visit that I personally did not schedule?

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