Racist Oddity

    When you get on the subject of racism and slavery. You see that society has lost definition of what is what these days.
    Like I asked three people who proclaim to be the least racist people they know.
    One a white person, One a black person and the other Asian.

    One a  male, one a female and the other doesn’t matter their gender.

    The questions I asked were.

    “Considering how some people say that  illegals are getting all of the man work, and everyone else is getting woman work, you know…. office type stuff, would you find it wrong to drive down the street and pick up a Mexican person and pay them to mow your lawn and build a deck for you?”

    The answers I got were as follows.(no I will not tell you who said what).

    1.Yes I would. If I have the money I will help someone who needs it. while he helps me. (notice they gave them a gender)
    2.Yes I would. I am not about to work in the weather.
    3.Yes I would because he can build better than me, and I’m not doing that kind of work


    I then went on to ask if that kind of work is disrespectful to the Mexican person.
    and see what the answer was
    The answers I got were as follows.

    1.No He comes from a place far worse.(notice they gave them a gender)
    2.No, he’s just happy work and I am happy to help (makes it about their self now)
    3.Nope, I’ve had food stamps. (What?? makes it about their self and relates via food stamps??)

    So now I decide to dig deeper with a question to make these people relate more with the hypothetical person.
    I asked if they have ever built a deck or mowed a lawn.

    The answers I got were as follows.
    1.I mowed my momma’s lawn all of the time. I had just a push mower. We had steps.
    2.That’s how I got my allowances as a child. I built a deck with my father when I was 20. It lasted 10 years.
    3.My siblings and I used to rotate through mowing the lawn. Never built a deck

    Would you drive downtown, pick up a Mexican person who needs money, to have them help you build a website?

    The answers I got were as follows.
    1.If he knows how to , yes. (seriously? just going to drive around asking that line?)
    2.Sure. but I doubt he even ever messed with a computer. but would be a fun experiment ($80 a day???)
    3. He’d probably steal my computer. It’s worth more than a day’s Mexican wage. It’s the obvious choice to steal it. ( this hypothetical person is around company vehicles and tools and equipment all day every day, and doesn’t steal them)

    See the point I was trying to make, just to myself is that people say and do different things. They will lie to you and themselves as to what they have as a motive. If you are too good to do something yet hire some stray to do the job you refuse for less pay than you are willing to accept, you are sick and hypocrite for claiming you are not someone who separates their race from the rest. By rights and by intellect.
    Doubting someone or claiming a gender on someone or labeling them a thief because of their point of origin, is racism.
    but you glorify everything by telling yourself and everyone that you are giving to the poor.
    While your kids are diabetic, you are diabetic, and your whole neighborhood is diabetic. From sitting on your butt, hoping someone else would come along and do the grunt work for you for less than you think you are worth.

    And yes I used the word “Mexican” . to see how comfortable they were with me labeling the person as the stereotypical MOST WILLING TO ACTUALLY WORK AND NOT COMPLAIN.

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