Gun Control Issue?


    Gun Control. are you for Gun Control? Or against gun control? Does it threaten your freedom to have guns accessible or does it threaten you to have your guns taken away ?


    The current Gun Control Issue in the wake of the recent school shooting, is making it’s rounds on Facebook.
    We have so many people exploiting the tragedy for their personal motives. We will not mention the incident by name, because we don’t want this topic to focus on that tragedy or any of the physical or emotional details.

    Obama gave a speech that spoke of changing so that kids can be safe in schools, meanwhile it’s being released, some information that is showing that while Obama has been in seat, funding for school security has been cut by 1 billion dollars.

    In other locations, there is talk that we have too many people with automatic and semi-automatic weapons. This threatens those who do not own these types of weapons. This is stated to be in excess and abuse of a right that has held this country strong for many years now.

    If gun control would be increased to remove yet another level of guns will this stop the threat of unregistered possessors firearms? Would this decrease the amount of people who go crazy and kill random groups?

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    Do you fear that we will be enslaved by our government if all guns were taken away?
    Do you feel that this is the right way to go to make us all safer?
    Do you feel that we would be at a greater threat from outside parties (other countries) if our last line of defense was removed?
    Do you find that we are finally headed in a peaceful direction?
    Do you feel that you need to hurry up and buy all of the tactical gear you can find?
    How much safer do you feel when this could be an option while so many countries are at war with each other and themselves right now?

    What does “Increased Gun Control” mean to you?

    Jim Pruit

    Gun Dealer in Houston
    Gun Dealer in Houston

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