New York Newspaper Posting Gun Owner Names


    New York Newspaper Posted Gun Owner Names and then made a custom map in Google to show the homes of legally registered gun owners.


    Just so I can put this into perspective

    And here’s the problem with this. If gun owner’s homes start getting robbed at a high rate, it will be noted as the gun didn’t help, or increased guns in the hands of drug traffickers is the gun owner’s fault. and if a serial number of a registered gun comes up in a bust, it will be the gun owners Fault. All the while this newspaper will be milking the attention and the first press of this story.

    And the underbelly of this beast is that if crime rates stay at a consistent level we can assume that Robbers don’t much bother with the newspaper or the internet. Or even worse, if the robbers start hitting the houses with no guns, no one will even bat an eye at how much risk that newspaper just made for those people. That newspaper will have made it well known that robbers have safe passage into and out of every house without a big red dot on it. The news will never talk about the change in activities, because that goes against the potential story they are trying to create.

    People can, and most likely will get hurt from this. and it will be the newspaper’s fault. up until they did that, robbing houses was more like Russian Roulette. Now it’s more like fish in a barrel.

    So who can sue this newspaper? Can it be the gun owners? can it be the first house that gets robbed because it wasn’t on that list?
    I think both can.

    and yes, it’s on ABC News

    And Yahoo News

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