The Hobbit Review

    A lot of familiar faces? no.. more like three or four familiar faces. and one CGI of a familiar face.
    The story though is in tale with Lord of the Rings, if you go to The Hobbit thinking it will be just like Lord of the Rings, I you will be let down. but if you have read The Hobbit, then you are going to greatly enjoy this movie.

    For me, the first hour of The Hobbit was murder. It was slow and for some reason I kept hoping there would be some reflection of Lord of the Rings in the start. There was not. So don’t.just Don’t..

    I really have so much to say but that involves lots of spoilers so let’s just get to the scoring.

    Scoring of The Hobbit

    CGI 8/10
    sound 9/10
    acting 10/10
    story 10/10

    full Score for The Hobbit 9/10

    This is a must see movie. Can’t wait for the rest of the Trilogy.

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