Freebirds World Burrito



    Went to Freebirds World Burrito in Humble Texas with a woman. She really seemed to like the place so I couldn’t voice an opinion with her. So I’ll post it here. Now remember, I am just one guy and your opinion and experience may be different.
    The atmosphere is really cool with a biker theme. Motorcycle handlebars for door handles when you enter the building. and a few other decorations that suggest the owner of the place likes motorcycles.
    Trying to order my food was a bit confusing. Yes they put fake burritos on the wall so you can see the sizes you get, but where’s the meats? where’s the content? Screw it just wing it as you walk through the … Wait… am I at subway? Well as you walk through the sneeze guard glass line, you make your selection. Nope, no corn tortillas for your burrito. but they have spinach. Which blows my mind. Seriously? Spinach tortilla? Okay, better not say anything, the woman I am with got the spinach tortilla.
    Guacamole in a squirt bottle.
    They actually use what looks like a caulking gun, with a big fat Guacamole bottle with the bottom cut off, to put the Guacamole in our burrito. MMM fresh….. YUCK!
    Why do I not smell food cooking? There is a light hint of what might be food warming. But there is no food cooking smell. There is a back area that you can see when you are standing in line that gives you the impression of people cooking. but nope. no steam. They are doing dishes and unbagging meats for the make table.
    In the mouth
    Artificial flavoring on the meat. Flavorless nonetheless. I could however taste that the lettuce was near expiration. The sauce was okay, a bit watery, but better than the rest of the burrito. Did I mention that my burrito was a mess? I mean meat in the middle, lettuce at one end, rice at the other. The sauce was on the lettuce. and yes, you are supposed to eat from one end to the other. It’s not a taco.

    $16 for two big bland burritos

    Freebirds World Burrito Score:
    Look of building:10/10
    Smell of food prep:3/10
    service: 8/10
    Menu Ease: 5/10
    Food selections: 4/10
    Freshness of Food: 7/10
    Taste of Food : 4/10
    Cost: 4/10

    Total Score 5.625 out of ten.

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