Is she Cheating on you?

    Is she a Cheater?

    It’s time to write the “Is she Cheating on you?” post. Along with my Infidelity post and Is she married post.

    Here’s a few signs that could come up that let you know your girlfriend is cheating on you. This is just a few warning signs that your girlfriend might not be as true to you as you are being to her. So is your girlfriend messing around? What are the signs that the woman you are with doesn’t care as much for your relationship as you do.

    Prenoted assessment
    So now you are going out on your first date with what might be the woman for you. What are the signs? Well you take her to see a band or to a great bar on your very first date and she can’t stop staring at the musician or bartender. This could be a fantasy thing for her or a fetish or she could just really like their style of playing or drink mixing. Both the bartender and the musician are just status level people. Neither are going anywhere and they don’t care. So she could have some fixation with these two or just one. These are two people who (many people think they can but really they can’t) can have any girl in the room. But are very busy working in this atmosphere. Pretty similar to women who like married men. Someone likes him enough to keep him… WHY ?


    How you can tell if she is going to be a cheater .

    • First time you go out, she acts like she is “playing the field”. stares people down, winks, gives googly eyes etc
    • She doesn’t delete her dating site profile.
    • She speaks of all of her male friends and they are ALL gay. and have kids, and are single.
    • She sends you a topless picture on your first date, and it’s recent, but not current.


    Here are a few signs to look for, to tell if the girl you are seeing, is actually seeing other people.

    • She invites some guy to her family’s gathering/party and they all look at you odd when he shows up, and even more so when he talks to you. (Lets assume she didn’t expect you to show up).
    • Her phone is constantly hammered with text messages, but will not let you get one message without seeing it for her self.
    • You don’t like taking her to see local bands because she seems to have a musician fetish.
    • She doesn’t care to hear you speak, unless it’s during sex. (and only sex stuff)
    • Some of the things she says to you makes you wonder if she is insane. Nope just a liar. Liars have no grasp of limitations that come with reality.
    • She is always leaving the house when you are on your way home.
    • You come home early a few times and she calls you at your regular time for coming home, to tell you she just left “Um crazy, I’ve been here for an hour”.
    • When you bring up holes in her story she either acts like you didn’t say it, or mad-dogs you.
    • The contraception changes. If there was none, now there is some. Prevents confusion when blood tests come up.
    • Visits reduce to once every two weeks
    • Her relationship enthusiasm reduces way before yours.

    Defining the reasons
    You are wondering why she acts like she is in a relationship with you while in multiple relationships with multiple other men. Right? What makes her want you to be true to her while she is seeing other guys? Right? Well this is the best i have to explain this.
    It would seem there are a few reasons for this. The first one is she is just Crazy. The next has a high probability. She could be trying to make sure she has someone to be with at all times. If you are seeing someone while her other man is seeing someone, she will have to be alone for a while.
    Then there is the chance that she is trying to reduce the chance of catching a disease. If she keeps you certain that you are in a monogamous relationship, then you might be monogamous on your part. Which decreases the number of chances for her to catch a disease.

    Or it could be a control issue.
    Like if she is the one drives you both to an event somewhere and she acts like a huge tramp. Sure there is a sense of pride knowing that you are the one who is going home with her at the end of the night. But sometimes it can get so intense you either end up in fight, or she ditches you leaving you in a club trying to find you way back home. If she does this when you drive, then she stands a chance of getting deserted for being that way.
    If she changes contraception, it could validly be that she just wants to try something new and is not comfortable with what she has been using. Or it could be she doesn’t want to have to take more than one guy to a doctor for blood tests when the baby is born. If she doesn’t discuss it and just suddenly changes, then she thought it was none of your business even though you are the one doing all of the work down there. In a way, it is none of your business, but if she is using one of those ring things and you get damaged and she didn’t warn you. Who’s fault is this ?

    The Feel good

    How do you come out of this not feeling bad?
    Just know that a cheater is nothing more, nothing less than a cheater. I have seen women who are dating a rich good looking body builder Martial arts instructor (okay exaggeration), mess around with a short scrawny I.T. guy. It’s not that he is more of anything than her current steady man. Think of it as a risque game of shame. She is getting off more to the fact that she is doing an “in your face” kind of “messaround” on her man. It’s not even as complex as “wanting to try something different” . It’s very simple. She is getting away with something because she has a committed man who trusts her and is a badass.

    What do you do?

    Simple, you get out of there. Or you deal with it if that is the best you will get in life. or you work on making it an open relationship or talk to her about being swingers. At least then, she won’t feel a need to do it behind your back, all of the oomph is gone. Especially if you are more active and interested with the other woman.
    You can’t sabotage her birth control and let her get knocked up and you ditch her forcing her to either admit it or bluff all the way into the bloodtests. because that’s a bit illegal. and it could end up with some really bad results.

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