Why would you Need an Assault Rifle?

    Why would you Need an Assault Rifle?

    Pretty simple. So simple that the people who ask it, don’t want to admit it’s why. Instead they want to exaggerate the facts for ridicule, and to win an argument against someone who is defending everyone’s rights.
    The reason you need an Assault rifle would be a weigh an measure issue. If your daughter is walking home and a man grabs her and tries to pull her into the bushes, would you want your daughter to have a gun? What if the criminal has a gun? Would you want your daughter to have a better gun? Would you want you daughter to have proper training with a gun ?

    if your house gets broken into, would you want to have a gun? if the criminal has a gun when they enter your home, would you want to have a gun better than theirs?

    The question is, why would any human living in this time want to reduce the types of guns a person could have to protect their home? Their family? Their life? What logic tells someone that disarming the law biding citizens will stop the criminals from obtaining firearms that are already hard to come by ?

    The strength of a protest is knowing that the protest can erupt into something violent. It’s the fear of such an outcome, that makes officials handle the protests with as much caution as possible. What happens when there is no worst case scenario ? Your protest becomes weak, and less meaningful. Your first Amendment right, becomes harder to defend. Simply because no one cares to listen to you.

    Our second amendment defends us all, protects us all, protects our other rights. Protects our safety from criminals. Protects our protests.

    This isn’t about some conspiracy, this is a factual chain of events that some people refuse to foresee. but that same crowd will scream 1st amendment rights at the drop of a hat.

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